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Twitter List

Werttrew's Monster Twitter List
originally posted:
Videogum Monsters List
Please @werttrew on Twitter or e-mail with additions, omissions, and corrections!
1. Unless you told me you wanted to be added to this list, I probably didn’t! Check the list below to make sure.
2. If you DID ask me to add you to this list and I haven’t, it was not on purpose! Remind me again and I’ll add you.
List is annotated with folks’ connection to @Videogum. The folks I’ve added recently I’ve put a date next to their name.
@_ChrisHopper Commenter Hopper (added 11/3/09)
@_Constantinople Commenter Constantinople (added 10/31/09)
@1katydid, commenter Katydid (added april 2010)
@10bagspacking Commenter jaydubs
@aaaverell, commenter what the what! (added 3/27/10)
@AaronBurdette commenter Burdette (added 2/20/10)
@actuallynph Honorary Vgummer Neil Patrick Harris (added 11/25/09)
@adamcatscratch Commenter Adam (added 1/06/10)
 @alan_maguire, commenter minifigs (added may 2010)
@alexblagg Alex, Contributer to Vgum (added 11/4/09)
@Ambarella Commenter ber aka Ambarella
@amberto, commenter amberto (sept 2010)
@amritsingh Tech guru for Stereogum, Videogum (added 11/4/09)
@angelafarts4u Commenter Angelaaaa
@Anampatriot Commenter An American Patriot
@BabyFriday commenter Baby Friday (added Oct 2010)
@backstagebethy, commenter backstagebethy  (added June 2010) 
@bad0andy000 Commenter HASS (added 12/15/09)
@batteredgnome Commenter batteredgnome (added 10/30/09)
@becca_oneal Commenter Becca
@billycomma Commenter billy (added 10/30/09)
@birdiepup Videogum mascot Birdie (added Oct 2010)
@blatantsubtext commenter weasels  (added Oct 2010)
@BradChurton, commenter mitchnmurray (added 3/27/10)
@brakattack Commenter Liz (added 1/06/10)
@Briadru4, commenter Briadru4 (sept 2010)
@brianbrehmer Commenter Brrrrrian
@Brosworth Commenter Life of the Mind (added 10/30/09)
@bryanerik Commenter obryan // .bryan.
@Btwwtfftw Commenter southernbitch
@Carms_DI Commenter Sarcasitally Misunderstood (added 11/8/09)
@catlump, commenter CaitlinRyan (dec 2010)
@cdeezey Commenter deezey
@Charles_Isaac Commenter skillet (added 11/6/09)
@choitotheworld Mary Choi, Contributer to Vgum
@chris_trash, commenter christtrash (added april 2010)
@chuckchuckgoose Commenter Greatcop
@chucksauce Commenter chombo
@cizmad Commenter cizmad (added 10/31/09)
@claychristoffer, commenter paperstreetsoap (added July 2010)
@clockworkrobots Commenter clockworkrobots
@coppercab, the Ginger Kid himself (added April 2010)
@conanobrien Conan O’Brien, honorary vgummer
@creamofthecrop Commenter creamofthecrop
@cupisacup Commenter cupisacup
@dafotology Commenter dafs (added 12/16/09)
@dankatt commenter +1 (added 1/26/10)
@DannyFord Commenter Paperback Rioter (added 10/30/09)
@dasmokemonsta Commenter philplusbert (added 1/2/11)
@davidcxr Commenter davidcxr
@davidndrake, commenter 1mitation_crabmeat2 (added may 2010)
@DavidonTap Commenter One Armed Boxer (added 1/10/10)
@deepu_s, commenter Deepu Sudhakar (dec 2010)
@dismynightmare, commenter Thisismynightmare (sept 2010)
@direpepper Commenter Pepper (added 10/30/09)
@dolemite43 Commenter bingo gas station
@dolftown Commenter Dolf (added 11/4/09)
@dr_moonmaster Commenter moonmaster
@drewmo Commenter drewmo
@ds3m Commenter DS3M
@dstar Commenter dstar (added 3/27/10)
@dUbiLL Commenter dUb-iLL
@Dumase Commenter Elliot // idonteven
@dylanebriated Commenter Dylantoxicated
@dylanmorgan, commenter dylanmorgan (added July 2010)
@eatmorekix Commenter eatmorekix (added 10/30/09)
@echolocated Commenter Merrywanderer (added May 2010)
@Edithzimmerman Occasional commenter and frequent tipster to Vgum.
@ElectricKoala, commenter Electric Koala (added july 2010)
@elisaftw Commenter Zingers
@enriqueztwb Commenter etwb
@ephcee, commenter ephcee (dec 2010)
@epicpajl Commenter epicpajl (added 10/31/09)
@explainerguy commenter Explainer Guy (added Oct 2010)
@fairlyalarmed Commenter TheRealZOMG! (added 10/30/09)
@faviator Commenter faviator (added 1/29/10)
@feliceeva Commenter Fizz
@fooods Commenter Loz (added March 2010)
@frostypeaches, commenter aniktwo (added June 2010)
@gabedelahaye Gabe Delahaye, Editor of Vgum
@gabeliedman Gabe Liedman, Contributer to Vgum
@gangybluth commenter gangy (added early 2010)
@genoawolford, commenter midgetsattack (added june 2010)
@georgejphillips Commenter Alleged Pimp (added 11/7/09)
@Gin_and_Frolic Commenter Professor Push-ups
@Ginger_Ball_Z Commenter Ginger_Ball_Z
@gladvillain, commenter Gladvillain (added April 2010)
@Godsauce Commenter Godsauce
@goodie2sleeves Commenter Gabroll (added 10/31/09)
@grace_yes Commenter Kgh (added 11/9/09)
@grace6697 Commenter grace6697
@H_C_Bukowski and @nickwhittaker commenter Charles Bukowski (added may 2010)
@hansdownhans Commenter hans (added 10/30/09)
@harkethenarc, Commenter harke (added June 2010)
@hellooabby Commenter abby r. (added 1/06/10)
@heronimous Commenter Heronimous (added 10/30/09)
@hilary_xo Commenter Hil (added 10/30/09)
@hlebtastic Commenter hlebtastic
@ILikeASkinnyTie commenter I Like a Skinny Tie AKA Pepper Ann  
@incredimarc Commenter incredimarc
@indianaadame Commenter indybree
@izzy_tib Commenter Tibmalian
@JakeMckay, commenter mcjake, (December 2010)
@jamesodinwade Commenter Ice Station Zebra (added 10/30/09)
@Jana1982, commenter Jana1982 (added April 2010)
@JeffSundin Commenter Jeff (added 12/5/09)
@jennyslate25 Honorary Vgummer Jenny Slate of Saturday Night Live (added 11/30/09)
@JBlogherpour Commenter Jesseca!
@Jimjbollocks Commenter Jimjbollocks
@Jneslo Commenter Jneslo // jananaphone
@joefi Commenter joefry0
@josh_is_wron Commenter josh_is_wrong (added 11/20/09)
@Joshlikegermany Commenter Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood
 @justin_canada, commenter Abacus Finch (added June 2010)
@jwormyk Commenter Jwormyk (added 2/19/10)
@Kit_VGum Commenter kit aka jthusky aka TalbainJ
@kwlamar Commenter Kateness (added 1/26/10)
@joemande Joe Mande, Contributer to Vgum (added 11/5/09)
 @joshterrible, commenter Joshterrible (added 3/27/10)
@Jrjobes commenter Jobes (added Oct 2010)
@Jubjub Commenter jubjub
@julieklausner Contributer Julie Klausner (11/30/09)
@justinpwhite Commenter Brother Justin
@kaggers81 Commenter Kira
@katekillet Commenter Kate!
 @kathbarbadoro, commenter FF Woodycooks (may 2010)
@kathleengrimes Commenter Kathleen11 (added 1/06/09)
@kerrycoolface Commenter kiss the pan.
@Kirabira Commenter caringiscool
@Kirimack Commenter Carrie
@Kpartyawesome Commenter K (added July 2010)
@krrryyyssstal commenter Krys (added Oct 2010)
@lakonislate Commenter lakonislate
@Laurameme Commenter supergirl!
@Laurenadoren Commenter lulubelle
@LaylaShell commenter spideog (added 1/31/10)
@leishaelaine commenter rootmarm (added Oct 2010)
@Lemonne Commenter Lemonne aka muscular, dangerous hugs
@Lindsayism Lindsay, Contributer to Vgum.
@linernotesdanny, Commenter Cultural Underpinnings Face King (added april 2010)
@lizzzing Commenter lizzing (added 1/30/10)
@longlivemufasa, commenter Long Live Mufasa (added april 2010)
@longom Commenter longom (added 1/06/10)
@lowereastlala Videogum Intern Lauren/Lala. (added 1/16/10)
@lulacrazygirl commenter lulacrazygirl (added Oct 2010)
@M_Swann Commenter Jaundice Volt (added 11/11/09)
@Maisonaise Commenter Joy
@markpopham, commener Markpopham (added June 2010)
@Maxsilvestri Max, Contributer to Vgum and Commenter Max Silvestri
@mcluskyist Commenter mcluskyist
@Meaverly Commenter meaverly
@michaelgbenner commenter fozzy the chair (added Oct 2010)
@Mjwarlus Commenter mjwalrus
@mm_cori commenter mm_cori (added Oct 2010)
@mobfd, twitter account for, (dec 2010)
@MrAdventureman, commenter Mr. Adventureman (dec 2010)
@MrBikferd commenter Patrick M (added 2/20/10)
@mtnsbeyondmtns, commenter mtnsbeyondmtns (dec 2010)
@muddymudskipper, commenter Ian (added 4/1/10)
@mwilliamrice commenter mwilliamrice (added Oct 2010)
@neavers Commenter niamh (added 11/13/09)
@neptuneflame Commenter Neptuneflame
@Nicksnow Commenter Duke Nukem
 @nickwhittaker and @H_C_Bukowski commenter Charles Bukowski (added may 2010)
@noelleaharrison Commenter you guys?
@nopurpleshelves Commenter TheObservatory
@notsewfast Commenter Notsewfast (added 2/18/10)
@notveryraven Commenter ignition remix (added 1/30/10)
@noralynn Commenter super!
@nudelman Commenter nudelman (added 10/30/09)
@ohheyitsbrian, commenter cliffdogg (added june 2010)
@octavis, commenter octavis (Sept 2010)
@Ohjawbone Commenter Jawbone
@outlawedmarsh Commenter SG
@reaganward Commenter monstah (added 12/2/09)
@ryancampbell, commenter thedrizzle
@pachecofores Commenter pachecofores aka Andy (I think?)
@PeterJMacDonald Commenter petepetepete (added 1/06/10)
@pir8munky Commenter rb
@pizzakari Commenter Pizza (10/30/09)
@poolboypip Commenter Poolboypip (added 11/7/09)
@powlsy Commenter powlsy (added 12/17/09)
@Practicallyinfo Commenter practicallyinformation
@pushypushkin Commenter Duncan (oct 2010)
@qofds Commenter Thequeenofdoorbells
@reaganward Commenter Monstah (added 12/1/09)
@realTommyWiseau Tommy Wiseau made The Room. Probably a fake account. (added 12/17/09)
@RealTracyMorgan Honorary Vgummer.
@redferriswheel Commenter Froghat (added 11/7/09)
@reedkavner Commenter Reed (added 12/3/09)
@robin_ec Commenter Gobblegirl (added 1/10/10)
@RobinRubbermaid Commenter RobinRubbermaid (added 11/3/09)
@robb81 Commenter Robb
@ruinedin84, commenter tiredandwired (added April 2010)
@saraspot Commenter saraspot
@sarcasticmeow Commenter sarcasticmeow
 @scotchka, commenter Scotchka81 (may 2010)
@Scottgum The man behind Videogum and Stereogum.
@Sexualelf Commenter Sexualelf!
@schmidttykr Commenter lilbobbytables
@shesdarnsilly Commenter Calliwell
@shellbomber Commenter Shellbomber (added 1/18/10)
@shoogyboomz Commenter Shoogyboom
@songsstuck Rich of (added July 2010)
@sorryicecream Commenter sorryiceacream (added 1/18/10)
@SorryYouGuys Commenter Goddamn (added 11/11)
@sourcrepes Commenter The Handshake
@spersons commenter the_wurst  
@SSJH13 Commenter holy smokes! (added 1/11/10)
@staceyaytch Commenter Stacey
@stellajz Commenter Cap’n Jack (added 10/30/09)
@sweetsemicolon Commenter Sweet Semicolon (added 10/30/09)
@ThatOneTwo, commenter That One (dec 2010)
@thecapu Commenter thecapu
@thedish13 Commenter Richguy aka Dish
@the_lin_see Commenter lin_see (added 11/2/09)
@the_Narrator__, commenter The Narrator (dec 2010)
@thekelburrows, commenter thekelburrows (dec 2010)
@thenchrissysaid Commenter wildcard (added 10/30/09)
@thereallengli Commenter lengli
@thisjoeiknow, commenter Mr. Hausfrau (added 4/1/10)
@timgarlitz Commenter stupidlisagarbageface // garbage_face (added 12/2/09)
@guidedbyvodka Commenter Guided by Vodka (added July 2010)
@tommypcharno Commenter Funkles (added 2/19/10)
@tophergrace Very much doubt this is the REAL Topher but oh well.
@trendspiration Videogum contributer Stephen K (added Oct 2010)
@trevorjackson Commenter Trevor
@tylermrobinson Commenter Bret McKenzie’s Wolf Shirt
@underweareyes Commenter rmfraijo (added 10/30/09)
@valerietown commenter Patsy Stone (added 2/23/10)
@victoriasolomon Commenter ReadOnly (added 1/06/10)
@Videogum Duh.
@waaalers Commenter adrienne
@Wasorrflong (previously lupinsmoon) Commenter Langford (added 10/30/09)
@werttrew Commenter werttrew
@whatevered Commenter Jim
@wildanduncouth Commenter KajusX (added March 2010)
@willemsmith Commenter JackNance’sGhost
@Woozefa Commenter Woozefa
@whyamiyelling, commenter whyamiyelling (sept 2010)
@yapplebee Commenter yapplebee
@Zacharylittle Commenter Lizard People, Dear Reader
@zeffap Commenter Napoleon Complex

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