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Tumblrs and Blogs

updated 1/2/11
Latest draft of a tumblr/blog list. Please send me your tumblr/blog or suggestions for other monsters and contributers at or @werttrew me on Twitter.
Please be sure to give me 1) your name (or the suggested person's name) on Videogum, 2) the tumblr link, and 3) a one-to-five word description of the tumblr's content. Just "commentary" or "personal" is fine.

I’ve already added a brief description of the content of each tumblr I've added so far—please send me a note of a better description of your tumblr if you wish, but no more than five words long, please. I’m essentially using “Commentary” as the default, adding “Personal” if it seems like the person talks about their own life a bit.

Abacus Finch Personal/commentary
An American Patriot Advice
Aniktwo Commentary
Backstagebethy Commentary
bingo gas station (with powlsy and underweareyes) Album cover reviews
boddah 'things/music/pictures I like'
Brrrrrian Commentary
Capu Flapu and the Spasmatic Pentagrams "Less Wordy Elitist Musical Gubbins"
Caringiscool Commentary
Carrie Personal/Commentary
Chris Trash Personal/Advice
Creamofthecrop "commentary/personal/humor/awe/nonsense" Cupisacup Personal/Commentary
dafs personal/commentary
The Dependent Clause (formerly the Defeatery) personal/commentary
Ds3m Personal/Commentary
Duncan “A whole load of personal crap.”
Dylanmorgan Commentary
Electric Koala "Music/Banter Blog"
Electro Lemon "Panini reviews and/or nonsense."
Ephcee  Personal
Etwb Personal/Commentary
Facetaco Commentary on Boy Meets World
faviator --- personal/educational
Funkles Humor/Commentary
Gabe Humor
Godsauce Humor/Commentary
Huckabeast "it's mostly personal stuff"
Imsoexcited & Thisismynightmare "bad status updates"
Ignition remix “It is just dumb jokes.”
itta_yonina “Commentary on bad movies.”
incredimarc Personal/commentary
JasonRyanfilms Personal/commentary
Joefry Commentary
Josh is like Germany ambitious and misunderstood. Personal/Commentary
KajusX & Chainsaws Personal/artblog
K-Hud "Nerdy Cincy girl lives life."
Langford “I post whatever.”
Lengli Commentary
Lindsay Robertson Humor
Liz Commentary
Lizzing Dating humor
Mans Observations and various thoughts.
Meaverly Mostly “terrible personal blathering.”
melsanie “Hot British men.”
melsanie "Commentary and general awesomeness."
Niamh Commentary
nudelman “Music, laffs, photos”
Patrick M. “fictionish”
Pizza “Verne Troyer on scooter, mostly”
poolboypip “A nerdy pop culture shmorgasboard!”
powlsy (with bingo gas station and underweareyes) Album cover reviews
Professor Pushups Commentary
Raymond’s Mother Commentary/Personal
Rb Personal/Commentary
shanks for nothin Commentary
shellbomber "Doofus tries to GOOP"
Slothdrop Photography, and the occasional story.
super! Commentary
the wurst “Band stuff/local events.”
underweareyes (with bingo gas station and powlsy) Album cover reviews
Thisismynightmare & Imsoexcited "bad status updates"
Werttrew Videogum archives
Zachary Little “My animated show/ Twilight blog”

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