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Friday, November 26, 2010

Videogum Inside Jokes, Memes, etc.

By: Werttrew

Originally posted on:

As of 3-03-2011

The inside jokes, catchphrases, snowclones ( and memes that are prevalent on Videogum.
Recent additions have *** next to them.
))<>(( // Back and forth. Forever. Reference to a scene from You, Me, and Everyone We Know (see clip). A child gets involved in a creepy discussion with someone online, and the symbol ))<>(( represents the child’s saying he wanted two people to “poop back and forth. Forever.” Gross, I know!
2012. The impending disaster that the Mayans correctly predicted will destroy us all and our cynical, profane Western ways in 2012. Gabe frequently and rightly points out our impending destruction of which we, corrupt and decadent as we are, should be looking forward to.
AB__. Always be ____. Snowclone from the great film Glengarry Glen Ross, where the quotation is “A-always, B-be, C-closing. Always Be Closing.” Alec Baldwin’s best performance, ever! Watch the clip here: Example here:
all the way across the sky. See “Double Rainbow.”
Andrew, don’t interrupt! Spoken in reply to trolls or overly-zealous nitpickers. From an edited clip (see link) about kids explaining how to use the web and one of the kids, Andrew, speaks over another child.
ATGSTTS (“As the girl said to the soldier”). A venerable version of the That’s What She Said joke used as an alternate to TWSS. Watch Alfred Hitchcock use it here:
Bad idea jeans // good idea jeans. A tag given to bad ideas or good ideas. From an old Saturday Night Live sketch:
Bandler Ching: Provider of fake quotes, a take off on the Friends character Chandler Bing. also Fake Quotes.
Bartender, a round of _______ for my friends. Videogum snowclone, where the blank is filled with funny/silly things, such as here:
Because ______ (EG, because jokes//because feminism). Frequently used sentence structure, omitting “of” for humorous effect.
Because life is precious, and God, and the Bible. A reference to a vague or silly justification for some belief or action, usually religious in nature. See the Mr Showclip from where this comes here (start at 3:33 for the exact quote):
Because that’s something that people do. A variation of this is often used to express sarcastically something that is, in fact, NEVER done by real people.
______ better DRUMLINE! It basically means “step it up!” Earliest reference I can find is the film Drumline, natch:
Birdie. Gabe’s dog, a Shiba Inu. Birdie is Videogum’s mascot and also has her own twitter account: , where Birdie lists her Rules of Power. Fans of Birdie are called Birdiebers. See also:
_____ breaks his/her legendary silence. Frequent Gabe-ism for when someone speaks out on a matter, usually when nobody really cares what said person has to say on the issue.
Brokencyde. A crunkcore band whose sound is so bizarre and awful it has become symbolic of a generation gap.
Burn it to the ground. Used for something so awful it is beyond redemption.
The Champion of My Heart.” The official Videogum theme song.
Clever girl. Frequent Gabe compliment. From Jurassic Park:
C’mon son! Gabe said, “It’s kind of like the black ‘Really? with Seth and Amy’ fromSaturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, except, you know, with a budget of $11.”
Coolforesale // leahjoy Spammers who’ve bedeviled Videogum. Coolforsale claimed to sell Christmas gifts. Leahjoy was notorious for posting explicit pornographic images.
C.R.E.A.M. Stands for “cash rules everything around me.” Used by Gabe to refer to financial things, or how money corrupts or has undue influence.
Cute as Balls. Category tag for cute videos, initiated by Lindsay. I’m not sure what the source of the term is, but I suspect it’s ironic! First Cute as Balls post:
Da Cake Eatur // ”is you relly a sqwerl?” Now-banned commenter whose schtick, originally, was as a semi-literate buffoon with a gun-wielding monkey as an avatar. Sadly he began to change his profile name frequently and adopted increasingly less funny personas. Then his flouting of commenter rules resulted in his being banned. “is you relly a sqwerl?” was one of his more famous comments: (thanks to Dish for digging that quote up!)
Ding dong! // Bing Bong! I’m actually not too sure about this one, but I believe it is when something is literal or self-evident or dumb. One example: Also see:
***Donna Darko. Started by commenters That One and Cakeordeath, who repeated the same joke within moments. It came to signify any repeated joke or comment in a post. Origin post:
“dont get me wrong this is a beautiful song with a beautiful message but I gotta masturbate at least once DAMN!” Witless youtube comment first pointed out here: Frequently parodied for comic effect.
Don’t play games. Common Gabe-ism for “don’t joke about that” or “I’m not kidding.” Earliest reference I could find:
Don’t you TEST ME, hlebtastic. An indignant reply by commenter An American Patriot that thereafter was bandied at trolls or provocateurs.
Double rainbow all the way across the sky. Reference to the now-legendary viral video where a man gets entirely too excited and happy about a rainbow: ”Double Rainbow” now means enthusiastic support or admiration.
Duh Afficionado Magazine. Imaginary magazine (duh) that Gabe uses, particularly in titles of posts, to point out something that should be obvious (double duh).
Eating the marshmallow. A clip demonstrated a study of children. The kids were told if they could refrain from eating a marshmallow for a few minutes when left alone in a room that they could get a second marshmallow. Children who couldn’t wait, the study showed, often grew up to be adults with poor self-control, wrecked lives, and criminal records. The video was very cute though! Commenters use it to refer to someone who has poor impulse control.
EGOT. The term stands for “Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony,” and an EGOT is getting all four.,_Emmy,_Grammy,_and_Tony_AwardsIn terms of Videogum, it means getting on Monsters’ Ball Lowest Voted, Top Five, Caption Winner, and Editor’s Choice.
Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. Whenever Gabe wants to look more closely at a picture, such as a screengrab, he’ll use that word over and over again with increasingly-closer images. The source? There is this scene in Blade Runner that uses “enhance” a lot, but it doesn’t say just that one word over and over again: Super Troopers, however, actually does use that one word three times:
Everybody’s got to put food on their family. Frequently used malapropism. Commenter Napoleon Complex notes that this is actually a Bushism:
FACT. All-caps, one-word sentence, used to emphasize a point.
Fake. Frequent, witless Youtube comment parodied for comic effect on Videogum.
Fake rap. A campaign waged by Gabe against fake rap. Gabe explains here:
Fake quotes. Frequently used by Gabe for comic effect. See example here:
Fandango. Fandago is a service that allows people to buy tickets in advance: Gabe likes to use this to express faux excitement for a film. EG, “Did you keep your pre-purchased Fandango tickets in your velcro wallet or a special pocket in your Dora: The Explorer backpack?” Example:
“The feeling is unapproachable.” A quote from a Juggalo that’s often spoofed. See it here:
FFFUUUU Expression denoting sputtering rage or overwhelming surprise. This meme actually comes from 4chan (the meme there is also known as “rageguy”), but has been in a lot of circulation on Videogum lately. Read its history here:
Forget it ______, it’s ______ town. Snowclone that takes off of Chinatown’s famous final scene. (go to 5:20 to hear the quote)
Gabe/Gabriel Delahaye. Editor of Videogum and responsible for 90 percent of the material on Videogum. See a very interesting interview with him here:
Gabe’s age. Gabe likes to joke about his prodigious age. He is, in fact, about 32.
Gay people // I’m glad there are no gay people here. //In case there are no gay people around. From Bronson Pinchot’s interview for The Onion where he recalled bizarre, gay-bashing comments from a very young Tom Cruise.
(Get it? You get it.) Frequent Gabe-ism. Earliest use I could find:
***Go to bed/ Go to jail. For someone who deserves condemnation or who just needs to give it a rest. “Go to jail” is a harsher variety of the same expression. Earliest use I could find:
Good _____. Very critical. A sarcastic reply to something, usually a comment that is unhelpful or obvious, particularly when it seems overly-harsh. Original quote is “Good question. Very critical.” The source is , specifically the character Danny Mothers from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Earliest videogum reference:
-gum. Suffix for anything that seems related to Videogum. See “seriousgum” below.
Have fun at dinner. Gabe wrote, “‘Have fun at dinner’ is the ‘f**k you’ of 2009.”
Her? From the great show Arrested Development, where father Michael Bluth seems continually puzzled by his son’s girlfriend, Ann, and often repeats the line in mystification.
***I wish _____was my dad. For an admirable male figure or something with a masculine and cool quality.
i______ the e-______! EG, iPhone my e-mail except with silly things like iHats e-0ff to 4Chan. Videogum snowclone pertaining to new fangled technology. Ex:
Ice cream and cake and cake. Pretty much any time ice cream or cake is mentioned, someone brings this up. From this Baskin-Robbins ad:
I’m going to f**k you till you love me, f*g**t. A rather brutal thing said by Mike Tyson to a reporter he didn’t like. A favorite of Gabe’s.
Irregardless. Now-banned troll Aynrandian used the term and it was corrected by commenter Dan S. Since Aynrandian was quite unpopular, “irregardless” became a totem of silliness and ineptitude among commenters. Dan S explains here:
Is this real life? // Is this going to be forever? From famous Youtube video “David after the Dentist.”
It’s life, jump into life. Frequently used sui generis phrase in Videogum titles. Gabe explained the origin (see link) thusly: “When I was in high school, my friend Jason and I were at the movies when a trailer came on for some foreign film that centered on a bourgeois family and, like, maybe a car crash, or a pregnancy? No offense, NATO, but who cares. I’m all for the quiet depiction of human complexity, but bore me a river. Anyway, at one point, the matriarch of the family is on the phone giving some poignant life lessons to someone younger than her who was struggling with how hard it is being white and middle class, and she advised ‘It’s life, jump into life.’ We LOL’ed before that was even a thing.” Watch the clip from the film, Deja Vu, here: Example from Videogum here:
It’s time to sink _____ to the bottom of the Whoops Ocean. Common Gabe-ism for something that is best left forgotten. Earliest use here:
Juggalo // Faygo: Fans of the band Insane Clown Posse. “Common characteristics include drinking the inexpensive soft drink Faygo and wearing face paint,” according to UPDATE: As of Sept 8 2010, Videogum no longer covers Juggalo news:
***_____just gets it. Someone or something that has it all figured out or has the right idea.
Just kidding, Mom, I don’t even know what ____ A Gabe-ism used in almost any reference to porn. Examples: Just kidding mom, I don’t even talk to people! Just kidding mom, I don’t even know what seeing somethingmeans! Earliest example I could find:
Kahdooz. Essentially, “congratulations!” A garbled version of the word “kudos” said by “Ramona” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Watch the second video here:
Keep f**king that chicken. Something bizarre and random said by a TV newscaster and repeated as a joke.
Kids ____ the Darndest Thing. Snowclone used to refer to kid-related subjects. From the television show Kids Say the Darnest Things.
KILL HITLER. Running gag used whenever a time machine reference is made. For example, “I’ve got to build a time machine and (KILL HITLER, and then) go back to the Age of VHS to watch Computer Beach Party?”
Lawnmower man. A reference to the Internet as a whole. Alternatively, a reference to catastrophic Internet failures, usually anything technical with Videogum that goes wrong. Based on the film of the that title. Gabe often refers to ringing phones with the Lawnmower man as well.—> SPOILER/EXPLANATION: In the film, the title character and eventually main villain says he wants to become “pure energy” and “take over the mainframe.” Earlier in the film, he says that once he does, he’ll ring every phone in the world at the same time. So naturally at the end of the move, just when you think he’s dead, yep, all the phones ring. [/SPOILER]
Let’s get off ___, I just got off yours. Videogum snowclone. The original phrase is “Let’s get off moms, I just got off yours,” a legendary Yo’ Mama joke. Zing! Then the snowclone was taken to silly things like “Let’s get off Sarah Palins, I just got off yours” Earliest use I could find:
Let’s paint, exercise and ____. Frequently used snowclone. From
Lindsay. Former Videogum blogger who was sadly laid off in June 2009. LINDSAY 4EVAH.
LolK. Like a 401K, except instead of $ you invest lols. Gabe writes, “It’s important to start investing in your LOLk early so that you have enough funny things to laugh about when you’re about to die.”
Lorries // In England they don’t call them “XXXX” they call them “lorries.” Snowclone to refer to Britishisms, or used for comic effect. First example I could find:
Lots of love. Frequently used phrase. “Lots of Love” is used in place of LOL or as just generally as positive affirmation. Possible source? This Adam Gopnik story in the Moth podcast:
Miracles // Magnets, how do they f**king work // Pelicans Reference to the “cramazing” song “Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse.
MLIT. “My Life is Twilight.” A real site of user-generated content from people talking how the Twilight series has affected their daily life. Based on the popular FML website.
The monkey’s in the basketball. Recurring joke. See origin here:
Monsters. Videogum commenters. I don’t know where this originated, so if you do, help me out! This is the earliest reference I can find to Gabe calling us monsters:
Monsters’ Ball. Each Monsters’ Ball is prefaced with: “This week’s five highest rated comments as voted on by you, the lowest rated comment as voted on by you, and the editor’s choice.” At the end of each week, usually Friday around 5:30-6:00 EST, Gabe posts the comments of the week. Originally the votes were open to unregistered commenters, but now they are reserved for registered commenters only. Tallies are usually counted from essentially Monday morning through the time MB is posted, so comments on Monsters’ Ball itself are NOT usually eligible for MB of next week, but there are exceptions. The first Monsters’ Ball:
Monsters’ Ball Cute Animal Images Parade. A tradition on the weekly Monsters’ Ball comments, started by commenter Kenny Powers, where videogum monsters post images of cute animals, usually dogs. Kenny Powers explains here:
My ninjas. Affable alternate description for commenters. Also frequently used in the Juggalo community.
Neden hole. A Juggalo term for a vagina. Now that information is in your head too. I’m so sorry about that. I’m also sorry about this:
Nick Madson. A comic who stole a bunch of jokes from better comedians at a paid gig. If that wasn’t bad enough, he tried to lie and spin his way out of his embarrassment, to no avail, and was called out in public by Patton Oswalt. Commenters will sometimes repeat jokes clearly written by Gabe or other commenters with the alias “Nick Madson.”
Nickelback Lyrics. Reference to a the thoughts of a dumb person, usually in a cartoon-like thought bubble in a photoshop. First used by Gabe but now appropriated often in the comments by monsters. First use (thanks for finding it, Notsewfast):
NnnnnnNNNNNnnnNNNNN. Something that is indescribably exciting and waiting for is extremely difficult. Usually Twilight. First reference I could find:
No, David Blaine. Vgum-speak for “just stop it right now.”
No homo. Gay slur prevalent in the hip-hop community that no amount of absurd justification can make right. Used sarcastically to parody homophobic remarks or a comment that seems too nice or chummy. Also, sometime it is rhymed or played on for other effect: EG, “no promo” or “no slo-mo.”
Our brains can only contain 80MB of information at a time (160 with a doubler).
Our long national nightmare has finally come to an end. Alternatively used sarcastically or sincerely for when something that has been held in suspense has been resolved. The original source is a speech by President Gerald Ford after the resignation of Richard Nixon:
PAH! A silly thing said all the time in the Marky Mark’s work-out video (see link). Commenters and Gabe sometimes use it just as a silly phrase, but sometimes it is used specifically to refer to meatheads.
Parentheses used to give a statement a double meaning. EG, Thank(sgiving) you!Common device, especially for titles of posts. Example:
PARTY PEOPLE! Originating from the chatroom, (, password enhance) where monster Just Desserts would play the song “Whomp There It Is” whenever someone came into the chat and everyone on cam would dance. On Videogum, it is used in a reply to the first comment in a post as a greeting or if the subject matter is too heavy. (If this all doesn’t make sense to you then be comforted by the fact that I don’t really get it either.)
perineum, etc. Bizarrely clinical and unsexy item on a sex chat in the film Closer.Used in relation to how sexy or unsexy things are, or when talking about the sex act.
Picture of a black person in my wallet // I’ve got a picture of ___ in my wallet. A running joke based on this You Can Make It Up:
Probably. (to conclude a statement) EG, The sun will rise tomorrow. Probably.Common sentence structure. This isn’t the source, since it predates this, but a great example is here:
Professor ______ over here. Denotes someone with expertise in an area, often in a silly thing.
Rape-rape. A tactless and kinda horrifying thing said by Whoopi Goldberg (“It wasn’t rape-rape”) about the child rape committed by Roman Polanski. Used to humorous effect in various varieties (“It wasn’t murder-murder”).
Rare miss. Common Gabe-ism, used alternatively sarcastically or sincerely, for something somebody missed. See lots of examples here:
Relax, “technoJeremy.” Another phrase used at overzealous nitpickers or trolls. From Gabe’s response to the commenter:
The Room. Notoriously bad film ( that is a constant reference on Videogum. One of the earliest running jokes on Videogum.
Sad Keanu. References to a couple of pictures where actor Keanu Reeves looks unusually glum. Photos of Sad Keanu are often photoshopped my monsters for comic effect. First reference:
Scanners (image). From the film Scanners. Often used by Gabe to denote something amazingly mind-blowing. Or not. See the 10-second scene here:
Scott. Scott Lapatine, Founder of Videogum and Stereogum. Interesting interview with Scott where he talks about the genesis of Videogum here:
Self-potato. A ridiculous answer from a Wheel of Fortune player.
Seriousgum. For whenever Videogum starts getting a bit more sober and less frivolous.
She’s a talker. Used for most any cat-related post. From:
S**t just got real. Gabe likes to refer to the following clip from Bad Boys 2 whenever some sobering new fact comes to light.
So good. One of Gabe’s favorite compliments. From Spiderman 3:
Soft Gabe and Hard Gabe. Respectively, frequent contributer Gabe Liedman and Videogum editor Gabe Delahaye. In order to distinguish the two, Gabe Liedman suggested (see link) “I call Gabe D. ‘Hard Gabe’ and me ‘Soft Gabe,’ because of our body types.”
Source(s): common sense. Part of an answer given to a question Gabe posted on Yahoo answers here: Now used to playfully give emphasis to the factualness of someone’s comment or parodied for comic effect.
Statement (contradictory statement). EG: This is the best video I’ve ever seen (this is not the best video I’ve ever seen). Frequently used sentence structure.
Statement? Statement. EG: They are making a Fred movie? They are making a Fred movie. Commonly used structure.
Steve Winwood. Steve Winwood is a commenter who has several stock phrases that have become in-jokes in themselves:
*She’s Pretty. This is often repeated by other commenters about unattractive women, to which Steve Winwood will reply “Nooooo!”
*Plagiarist commentator
*That’s not your commentator meme
*PSYCHE! My bad just kiddin’!
*I don’t give a care.
***Streets is talking. Something that’s got buzz. From the Jay-Z song: Example:
Suicide gif from Black Dahlia. Gabe likes to use it when something is really awful. Originally from the film Black Dahlia, which was reviewed here:
TalbainJ. A term for a commenter who is taking Videogum a little too seriously. From commenter TalbainJ, who also went by the name TalbainJ2: TalbainJ Harderand is now Kit. After narrowly missing out on the Monsters’ Ball one week, he post a cranky comment (see link) and just about quit posting altogether for a while.
“Tardy for the Party.” An awful song by the awful Kim Zolciak (“the melty-faced living nightmare with a closet full of trashy clothes that don’t even fit her”—Gabe), of the awful Real Housewives of Atlanta.
TBS Very Funny! A catchphrase from the basic cable network that Gabe likes to use.
TCOAT! “Two corgis on a treadmill,” a phrase that means roughly the same as “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.”
Team ____. From the Twilight series, particularly New Moon, where fans sided either with Jacob or Edward, hence Team Edward or Team Jacob. Used in Videogum to denote support. Example:
Teen Korner: Catch-all category of posts for things youth-related.
There is no spoon. From the Matrix. Used to emphasize that the old rules have changed or nothing is at it seems.
That’s (or This is) your boyfriend // That’s (this is) your ___. Originally thought up by Lindsay and her friend Stephanie as a humorous put-down. This is one of the oldest running jokes on Videogum.
This guy knows (or These guys know) what I’m talking about. Frequent Gabe-ism. source? From the Raaaaaaaandy viral videos that were used to promote “Funny People.” As seen at the :50 mark on this clip
_____’s Tombstone. Humorous epitaphs, a device Gabe often uses. EG, ”The thing about college is that it takes minds into space like a rocket.” —UCLA’s Tombstone.
Video Pizza Party. From a video (see link) that constituted of a spinning pizza set to music. That’s it! Any time there’s a mention of a get-together or a party, it’s a Video Pizza Party.
Wait for it. Three things: 1) a tag for upcoming films or television specials, 2) a joke for a gag that is fairly obvious. Eg, The Fantastic Mr Fox looks (wait for it) Fantastic. 3) A gem at the end of a clip, like this one:
We have to go back to the _____! Snowclone based on the quotation from Lost:“We have to go back (to the island)!” Best season finale for Lost, really. Watch the clip here, relevant quote at 4:08 and 4:30: Example from Videogum:
We should all be so lucky. A tag Gabe uses for people who have out-of-the-mainstream fetishes or hobbies but, you know what?, those things make them very happy. I’m not sure if this is the source, but there is Kylie Minogue song with a similar title:
We’re going to need a bigger ______. Frequent Gabe-ism from the film Jaws, where the original quote is “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”
WHAT HAPPENS IF HER DON’T GET IT? From an all-caps memo written by screenwriter David Mamet. Humorous and kinda crazy and often parodied.
What we talk about when we talk about _____. Snowclone most often used for Videogum posts. Comes from the title of the Raymond Carver short story:
Where do you get your ideas? A frequent Gabe joke, used to mock inane questions by interviewers. If there is any opportunity to ask a question of a celebrity, Gabe is sure to ask this.
Where we’re going, we don’t need _______. Reference to something futuristic or exciting, often sarcastically. From the film Back to the Future.
Where’s _____ at, String? The original quote is “Where’s Wallace at, String?” from the show The Wire. See a clip from the series here: Watch the answer to the question here: (thanks to @paulineoconnor for finding those clips!) Used as a snowclone frequently on Videogum, as for instance here:
Why won’t you let me be great? // Why won’t you let ___ be great? Expressed for when someone is being limited by haters. Taken from a ridiculous blog post by Kanye West:
____will never not be funny. Frequent Gabe-ism. Example:
WOOF. Used for something really bad, particularly someone trying to be cool or funny or fashionable and failing badly. From Home Alone, I think? See this clip:
The Worst Movie of All Time. Popular recurring feature in which terrible movies are reviewed. also on my tumblr the list of all films ever done for WMOAT:
Ya BURNT, ______! African-American vernacular that signifies “gotcha!” Popularized by 30 Rock. The best know example is from a video (see clip) where a kid washes his head with vagina wash and his father says “Ya BURNT, Wes!” as if he had fallen for the greatest practical joke of all time. Commenter blinky pointed out to me, however, that the phrase “Ya Burnt”’s use on Videogum actually predates the Wes clip, as you can see in places like this:
You can’t fire me because I quit. Used by Gabe when he’s fed up.
You don’t judge me, I judge you. When Gabe feels he might be perceived as being inconsistent, he pulls that phrase out. Monster Brian Palmer has also pointed out to me: “The origin of it is from The Best Show on WFMU, a radio show Gabe has professed to be a fan of. That phrase is a “Wursterism,” and has been used for years by Jon Wurster when he calls the show as various random characters.”
You mad. To quote Gabe: “For those of you who don’t know what this is, you should really know what this is, because it’s hilarious. A few years ago, Bill O’Reilly invited Cam’ron and Damon Dash to have a debate about the effect of hip hop on young people. Naturally, it was awful. But at two different points during the ‘debate,’ Cam’ron just laughed and said ‘you mad’ to whoever was talking, which is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever. Best because it is so funny, and you can take it with you as a funtimes reference. Worst because obviously it is so rude. Enjoy.” See also: at about the 5:55 mark, starting at 5:00 for the whole story.
You crazy for this one, ______. Gabe likes to use this to refer to someone who’s gone above and beyond or who has, well, done something crazy. Based on the Jay Z song “99 Problems.” See also:
Yogurt cup // Yogurt cup stuck on your head. Referring to this video where a squirrel got a yogurt cup stuck on his head.
y/y? EG, The Fantastic Mr Fox was a great movie, y/y? Rhetorical question meant to express that nobody could possibly disagree with the statement.
-z suffix. Added for humorous effect to the ends of words instead of an “s.” EG, “jokez.”
Zing- prefix. Added to words like “zingonator” or “zingtourage.”
There are some phrases or devices that are not unique to Videogum but have a lot of currency and are in frequent use, such as:
All caps, such as ADULT and COLLEGE.
TWSS (that’s what she said)
Use of * to denote a footnote contradicting/clarifying the statement.
the worst
You guys
Perennial Topics:
Die Antwoord
The Ginger Kid, aka Coppercab
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jay Leno
Jeff Dunham
Jersey Shore
Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy
Topher Grace


  1. wow, werttew thanks! i found this very informative. I've only been gumming for a couple months now but i love it. FACT. Noobs like me can now study up!