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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Get your eyeliner and candles ready..........

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Dusky Panther's Saturday Morning Cartoon

So views for these cartoons have been waning as of late. There’s been too much wane on the screen and it’s really been grossing everyone out. Time to clean up our act and go to Sunday school! Let’s GOOOOOOOO [to Sunday school]. The white Jesus is gonna be so upset that I did this!

Thanks for the tip to re-cut The Flying House from Stu.
Suggestions are always welcome, especially if it’s Samurai Pizza Cats.

As always, the cartoon archive is open to the public.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Twin Peaks S01E03: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer

A couple of days ago Godsauce gave us a great primer on how David Lynch depicts society and his characters: on the surface we see an exaggerated depiction of “normal” life, superficial at the surface level. Beneath the veneer, though, his protagonists discover a depth – and darkness – that seems bottomless. Likewise, Godsauce pointed out, his lead characters discover the same complexity and breadth can be found within themselves.

Weekly gif Round-Up

Wow, what a great week! New SNL, New Thursday night TV and NO New Glee!! Best of all worlds. Keep it up NBC.

These images were found all over the internet. Some may even have been made by me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Diddy Riding A Jet Ski News

Twin Peaks: Traces to Nowhere

Greetings, friends! I apologize for the tardiness and sloppiness of this post, but I have been quite busy with stuff.

I was asked to write this piece about the first proper episode of Twin Peaks because of my longstanding reputation as the world’s foremost David Lynch scholar (nope). While it is true that I have written some delightfully undergraddy shot-by-shot analyses of Lynch films, specifically Blue Velvet and Lost Highway, I must confess that there are a few embarrassing gaps in my Lynch experience, one of which is that I have not seen all of Twin Peaks. I have seen the first few episodes, including the extended feature-film version of the pilot that Lynch made just in case the show wasn’t picked up, but I don’t really know what is going to happen. The good news is that any spoilers contained herein will be lucky guesses!

On to the business at hand!

Reminder: MOBFD Authors

A few days ago you should have received an e-mail from MOBFD concerning some exciting new developments. If you haven't done so already, please check your e-mails! Thanks!

LBT's Generic Book Corner: Atlas Shrugged


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rejected Tips: Maypreh Seh Tori

Insomniac with The Narrator: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

If you haven’t heard, I got a problem with sleeping in that I don’t do it. Seriously, you know how much sweet, sweet night time hours you people are wasting “resting peacefully.” Anyways, I can’t sleep so tonight, forget it, PS3… It’s Wii Town tonight. I’m popping in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

First off, I like names that explain things. It is the NEW Super Mario game so of course they have to include NEW in the title. Unfortunately, games can’t be new forever, so I’m not sure how that name will age. Secondly, the title ends in Wii because it is for the Wii. Now the game is idiot proof. I’m sure that Dusky Panther was super excited to play this on his Sega Saturn. Well he will just have to deal with it. This game is for the Wii (it’s in the title).

Who is ready for some mad 2D action?

Here We Gooooooooooooooooo!


Transatlanticatastrophe: The Players and the Game

Hello, monsters! Kittensmash here! I am only an occasional VG commenter and chatter at the moment. Regardless, I am a champion lurker, and we are all BFFs in my head. Change in my life looms large like a mushroom cloud of glitter. I thought it might be fun to explore the sparkly fallout here.


Current location: Bible Belt, USA (a.k.a. the dirty south)
Future location: A small city in Germany (approximately the size of Asheville, NC for USian reference).


Name: kittensmash
Taxonomy: Homo sapiens (XX)
Age: 33
Occupation: Scientist
Travel experience: Visited two other continents in the past 20 years, but travel has taken a sideline in lieu of WORK for the past decade.

Name: mistersmash*
Taxonomy: Homo sapiens (XY)
Age: 32
Occupation: Tattoo artist & painter
Travel experience: Has never traveled north of the Mason Dixon Line or west of the Mississippi River. Passport? What’s that?

Name: neuroticat
Taxonomy: Felis catus (XY)
Age: 7 yrs
Occupation: Baller
Travel experience: Why would I ever want to leave the house?!

Name: egotisticat
Taxonomy: Felis catus (XY)
Age: 10 yrs
Occupation: Shot caller
Travel experience: Why can’t I leave the house without a leash?!

In summary, the four of us will be moving to Germany in about six months. None of us speak German. We have all lived in the south (primarily Georgia) for most of our lives. This move is exciting and overwhelming. I will have a series of posts on the trials and tribulations of moving abroad. This will include a broad range of things including, but not limited to:
  • Using Rosetta Stone to learn German
  • Figuring out how to move my cats without neuroticat going permanently insane
  • Deciding what household items to bring, store, or sell
  • Getting a work visa for an artist (mistersmash and I are not actually married)
  • Trying not to end up in a mental facility due to overwhelming anxiety
  • Figuring out how I will be able to watch all my TV shows

Mistersmash and I were invited over to explore the region while I interviewed for the job. My next post will discuss our first impressions of Germany since neither of us had been there before, nor had we even traveled much together beforehand. Pictures will be included!

*For monster reference, mistersmash does not read VG regularly despite my encouragement (nor has he ever commented), but he understands my manic page refreshing when I do post comments.

I'd Hit That: Jimmy Fallon

I have said it time and time again. Funny guys are the best kinds of guys, and this week's subject is no exception.

Jimmy Fallon, you guys! This week is kind of also doubling as "Shows You Should Be Watching" sort of thing. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is pretty much the cat's pajamas. Seriously, this show has some of the most original sketches and bits and is consistently better on a day-to-day basis than, say, Saturday Night Live is on a week-to-week basis. Quite often they make me laugh until I cry. From the audience and celebrity games to the recurring TV show parodies to the interviews, this show is solid gold.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week 15

It's that time again! Let's weigh-in!


Hello friends! Let's get right into it. Pigeons are weird. They're slow and dull and they get in the way and, considering they are birds, they really stink. Like they smell bad. It's weird.

I guess pigeons can be useful and smart and whatever, like pretty much any other animal that someone would spend years training (check out my weather predicting snail!). But did you know that pigeons can also be leggy?

According to the National Pigeon Association, pigeons can be all sorts of fucked up shapes! More shapes!


Heart shaped.

Top heavy.

Mane pattern baldness.

Pigeon lump.

This is all I have time to post right now but you should seriously go check out all the weirdo pigeons on the NPA's website. And if you are a pigeoner, link some pictures of your pigeons in the comments!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity

Hello human friends and good morning to you. I am definitely not a robot put into place by the masters in order to deal with the difficulties of writing a single blog post every week. *cough* Bleep bloop *cough* Anyways, it is time to activate chemicals in our brains through the internets. Airline food jokes.

Godsauce Alters This Week's Family Circus

It was an old springtime ritual in which all of the neighborhood children got off the bus and kicked water on Old Jim, passed out drunk in a puddle from when one of the neighborhood parents sprayed the hose in a futile attempt to get him to move. Sometimes there was vomit, and sometimes there was blood, but there were always good times and happy memories to be made.

There were a lot of bonus comics this week. More alterations (including a bonus Cathy that is one of my new favorites) after the jump...