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Friday, November 26, 2010

All-time Most Upvoted and Most Downvoted Comments

By: Werttrew
As posted on 11-26-2010
This record is almost certainly wrong and incomplete. Please do correct me by sending me a link to a comment that is higher/lower than the ones listed
In the summer of 2009, there was a new policy where only registered commenters could vote. This immediately caused vote totals to plummet, but they have steadily grown to current levels.  Asterisks denote a comment that was pre-commenters-only-voting rule. I’ve not included them in the ranking, but I’m listing them for posterity’s sake.
Eventually, when I’ve had you kind folks correct my gaps and mistakes, I’ll list the actual comments themselves. For now, I’m just putting in the link to the posts where the original comments can be found.
Most upvoted and downvoted comments ever.
Upvoted  (Votes as of October 23, 2010)
Most downvoted comments ever (votes as of Oct. 1)