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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'd Hit That: Ryan Reynolds

This week we have a special edition of "I'd Hit That" featuring Ryan Reynolds. We will call it:

"I'm Single Now...LADIES"

This week it was reported that Ryan has split from his wife Scarlett Johansson. However, in the past few days it has also been reported that the couple have been seen out and about together. We aren't going to worry about that though...

Ladies, let's talk about this:
Ryan is so very hot, and I know that this piece of man meat must be going through a rough time right now. We need to be there for him in his time of need. It's the least we can do. After all, he has been selfless in sharing his beautiful face and sculpted abs with us. We need to help him put those abs to good use now that Scarlett no longer needs them.

Now, Ryan Reynolds is not in my Top Five, but who am I to kick a sexy man out of bed for frivolous reasons such as that.

He needs us, Ladies. Let's get out there and show him we care.


  1. I had a guy in one of my classes scoff that Ryan Reynolds was named sexiest man of the year. I still don't understand how he doesn't see why Mr. Reynolds deserves that title

  2. Do you guys think he works out? I think he works out.

  3. He definitely works out... amongst other things

  4. Nightmare, I truly and deeply love this column. It pertains to my interests (hot guys). Any plans on writing a column about Johnny Depp? Asking for a friend (me).

  5. I can't tell you that, mtns! Does anyone have Johnny Depp's fax number? Mtns just wants to ask him a question real quick...for a friend, of course.

  6. even hot in "just friends". or at least, he made me laugh.