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Friday, April 8, 2011

Videogum 3rd Anniversary: Chicago Style!!!!

Hello fair monsters. JD here. While there was a huge hub-bub on the mothership today about the fancy schmancy NYC anniversary party, I'd like to show you guys a little something. It's a story about a city with big shoulders. Chicago!!!! Let's gooooooo.

We had a wonderful turnout of monsters both familiar and new. It's always fun to look for people who are kind of looking at you funny thinking "is it?" YES IT'S US COME ON OVER!!!

There were too many names to remember, but I will try to do my best. Myself (JD), Shellbomber, Chris Trash, Laura (loveable lurker), Jabberwocky, Tommy P (and girlfriend), Stu, Girl Philosopher, The Aura of the H-Man, Bridgid (mostly lurker, forgot her monster name. Sorry!), Emilie (says she's a lurker, but totes posts), and Andrew (awesome lurker).

We had a lovely Tres Leches cake from Kristoffer's on S. Halsted, totally plugging them, amazing, and indulged in several beverages among weird talk about changing avatars and our love/hate of trolls.

I guess what I'm trying to say was, it was a lovely night, and something I am very proud to take part in every year. Luv u guyz.

Congrats monsters, you've earned it!

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