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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Friday's Safari Planet: Interactive Edition!

Have you been searching for a way to get involved with Baby Friday's Safari Planet? Well, here's your chance! A great Atlanta rescue organization has partnered up with Groupon, and for just $10 you can help them save the lives of unwanted and abused animals in a city notorious for putting an average of 210 animals down each day in its shelters. What's $10, right? It's not even enough for a pizza! So you can either buy half of a pizza, and sit there with your sad little pizza portion, wishing that somehow the pizza could save cats and dogs in need of good homes, or you can make that $10 work for you! As an added bonus, that $10 becomes $20 through the magic of Groupon.

I'll admit--I have a vested interest in this group. They were the ones who rescued my sweet dog Girl One (pictured above) from a dogfighting neighborhood. She was delivered from a life of ducking under cars with her two puppies, scavenging for food. The kids in this neighborhood would lure her over with food and then hit her with rocks and sticks. Now she feels safe and loved all of the time in her warm home where she is queen of the manor. But I can't help but think of the other dogs like Mimi that have yet to be saved.

Almost all of the staff of this group is volunteer. These are just people who love animals and their goal is to save "just one more". If you can help it would mean a lot to me, a lot to them, and more than you could ever imagine to an animal in need.

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