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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The best comment of the Year 2010

Ok, so one of the many things that makes Videogum great is the commentators. I could go on and on about some great comments, so I picked just one.
this little number comes from as a reply to Steve Winwood from commenter Duncan, as posted on June 25th, during the height of Winwoodmania:

"I hadn’t realised this before but ‘Wise Downvote’ is an anagram of ‘Steve Winwood’…"

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So what's your favorite comment of the year? Picking your own doesn't count.


  1. Patrick M: "It’s because their minstrel cycles are synced up."

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  2. Is it possible to nominate all of Godsauce's (RIP) comments from the Comic-Con thread? Without him, we certainly wouldn't have been able to hit 1000 and so many of them were just great.

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  3. The one I liked was from or whatever. Cultural U. said:
    Word. Zooey Deschanel may be a “worthwhile object for the male gaze” but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a worthwhile object for the MALE GAYS, AM I RIGHT FELLAS

  4. I may come back with something else, but a recent favorite was sadmalandar in the "Perfect Crime" (thieves stealing sheep from a moving truck) post:
    And the farmer will never know because everytime he tries to count his sheep, he falls asleep before he’s done.

    Maybe it's not necessary to say, but it came during a week where the "usual" callbacks/puns/inside things weren't really doing it for me and I personally was leaning pretty heavily on "This thing is like that thing", and then way down in this thread was this perfect obvious-in-retrospect kid-logic comment.