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Monday, December 13, 2010

Werttrew’s 10 Favorite Videogum Articles from 2010

These were mine. What were yours?

10. I love Salsa Dog! and

9. Sandra Bullock Sees a Boner Ghost: (Thanks to linernotesdanny for reminding me of it)

8. Old Spice guy responds to Gabe:
(You can see the actual video here: )
The article Old Spice is responding to: )

7. Another great example of Gabe’s very funny, very poignant writing style:

6. The Insane Clown Posse’s Cramazing "Miracles" video:

5. It’s difficult to pick out any one of the Lost recaps, but let’s settle on the amazing season finale recap:

4. Gabe and Max find Comic-Con awful: and Gabe’s expression with the My Little Pony is worth a thousands LOLs.

3. For my money, the best Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time ever written:

2. Mans wrote this to me: "Gabe's writing is incredible and then the video is really really moving. I loved it. One of my favorite things of the whole year." He’s right!

1. Coppercab’s first rage video: "Gingas Have Soes!" Nothing made me laugh harder this year:
More Coppercab:
PS: Coppercab’s latest video is a “comedy” sketch that’s painfully unfunny and he more or less outs himself as playing along the whole time. “Fake and Ginger.”—Youtube. But if you still want to watch it… For completists only.

Honorable Mentions:
A) A personal highlight:

B) Double Rainbow didn’t belong to Videogum; it belonged to the world. But Double Rainbow is big enough for the entire world. TWSS. My favorite parody?

C) I can't believe I forgot Joe Mande's Brokencyde concert!


  1. My favorite Gabe writeup was the one he did for that cruise ship caught in the middle of a storm. It was the first post coming back from a short vacation and it was blamsome.

  2. My favorite by far was the write-up of Gabe's paintball game with the cast of the Wire.

  3. This may have been my favorite. I remember laughing harder than I ever had in my life.

  4. Without a doubt the Nicolas Sparks post. Not only was the post itself very funny and I think reprents the spirit of Videogum ,but it features some of the most funny comments in recent history.

  5. I have to agree with Mans on #2. The write up Gabe did on that post was just amazing. I remember it bringing tears to my eyes.