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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 10 Worst Comedy Club Names In America

Comedy Clubs have the worst names. That's no secret. But some of them are painfully, cringe inducingly bad. And if there's one thing I love it's making fellow Monsters cringe...

10. Dr. Grins - Grand Rapids, MI

Man, medical school is tough. No wonder doctors make so much money. It's unfortunate for this dude that he got through medical school in one piece and everything but since his surname is Grins he didn't get very far. I mean, would you want to get a pap smear from "Dr. Grins"? I certainly wouldn't and I'm a dude! So I guess you have no choice but to open a comedy club at that point. Sux 2 B Him.

9. Comedy Dawgs - Halifax

Anything with a W in it that doesn't need to be there is bad. Examples: "I Wuv You!", the White House.

8. Mixed Nuts - Los Angeles

I like my comedy clubs and genital euphemisms separate, thanks very much.

7. The Riot Act - Washington D.C.

Haha. Oh, man. I get it. Cause it's like a laugh riot but also it's like another thing that means something else. Hahaha. Oh, lord.

6. The Funny Farm - Atlanta


5. Snickerz - Ft. Wayne, IN

To borrow something from the world of Snicker Bar advertising...this one is just plain "chewpid".

4. Magooby's Joke House - Baltimore

If you're name is Magooby you have about 3 options. 1 is to change your name to something less goofy like Smith, 2 is to embrace it and become a clown and perform at kids parties and 3 is to take the middle of the road path and be kinda sorta wacky and open a comedy club with money your bitter and racist Grandfather left you in his will. Joke's on you, Grandpa.

3. The Brew Ha Ha - Rapid City, SD

Oh, man. This place is great. Cause right away you know you are going to get a couple of things once inside. You are probably going to get a beer of some sort and also probably at least a couple of laughs. Fuck that obscure shit. Tell it like it is.

2. Laugh Inn - Ft. Meyers, Florida

Get it?

1. Rooster T. Feathers - Sunnyvale, CA

This one just boggles my mind. What's funny about chickens? What does the T stand for? Do they serve chicken? Do chickens perform? EXPLAIN YOURSELF, MR. FEATHERS!


  1. I believe Paul F. Tompkins told a story about performing comedy at Sgt. Pepperonis

  2. Yay! We're number one! We're number one!

    I work at Rooster T Feathers, and the bottom line is this...the club has been around forever, and started in that awkward time when those kinds of names were actually popular. Here's a link to a Youtube video of Roosters' original owner, Tony Modica, telling the story of How The Rooster Got It's Name.

    Check us out sometime!

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