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Monday, December 13, 2010


a fangirl's perspective: college football

it's been rough for texas this fall. i spent most of my saturdays reading the DSM-IV, rather than drinking screwdrivers in bed and yelling at the television. two of the weeks in college pick 'em, i simply FORGOT to make my picks. (and i had 98.7% accuracy last year, NBD). i have not even been counting down the days til bowl season. all around: SHAMEFUL. with no OC or DC at the time of this post, and a season that reminds me us all what it's like to be texas A&M, i need to regain my passion for this, the greatest of all sports: college football.

here are my (very tiny) college bowl mania picks. what are yours?

btw painstakingly moving each arrow ONE BY ONE is not frustrating at all!

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