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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Werttrew's Favorite Animated Gifs of 2010

My favorite gifs of 2010. From my personal collection of gifs. (Given how actually making these into gifs would slow down this page terribly, I'm just providing links.)

1. Doggie plays pool. This is great. My favorite gif of the year.

2. Oprah and the bees
3. Smiling Shiba Inu dog
4. Kid blows out the candles on the cake! Killjoy!
5. Little old lady shakes her head in disbelief
6. Combo breaker
8. Brendan Fraser claps weird
9. This kid hates rollercoasters
10. Dramatic sheep

The rest of the best:
Cursor disco
spinning doggie taken for a spin
Two corgis on a treadmill
Kill your little brother!
surprised mouse
This guy is a hero
Shark attack
Mr Bean Makes Faces!
House sez: Bros B4 Hos, Man!
shania twain says no thanks
Kid has fun in a toilet bowl
Kid on a rollercoaster
Shake of head. Contemptuous eyeroll. Smirk.
this makes me want to shut off my laptop and hide it! Big Bang Theory
Denied! Encino man
sisyphus workout!
Kid is excited!
Little kid is gonna crash
head bang from Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Simon pegg says WHAT?
shock horror surprise
Carlton dance
Haul Ass, says John Wayne!
Doggie climbs up chair in a novel way.


  1. Woah, great list, another winner 'Trew.

  2. That Oprah bees one is my favorite, by far. I couldn't stop watching it.

  3. Fabulous list!

    I'm glad that for all the cat gifs out there, someone's sticking up for the doggie gifs.