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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GOTH PARTY #1 - Light and Day

Last night, I thought I had ghosts in my apartment. The flickering of lights and the wind howling led me to believe that the spirit of someone was trying to disturb my Monday ritual of internet shopping and tweeting obscure Gossip Girl references. I got all set for a seance. I dressed in my best black garb, set my makeup gun to "heavy Momsen" and lit some candles (apple scented).
I went to turn off the flickering lights and realized "Crap, these bulbs are just cracked." I go check every lighting fixture in my apartment that had the same type of bulbs. Yup, all of the bulbs had little cracks in them. So I unscrewed all the lightbulbs and replaced them with new ones. (Pro-Tip: Do not buy off-brand incandescent light bulbs from bodegas)
I was already dressed and looking like Kat Von D in the face so I got into chat and prepared myself for a good old fashioned GOTH PARTY!!!!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
First order of business was to sacrifice a goat. This was a bit difficult. But we powered through it.
Josh came in after he possessed the soul of Colin Hanks by drinking boiled cow's blood. Jeff's spirit mistakenly got into the form of a sandwich as well.
After a few incantations and a failed attempt to resurrect Selena by wearing lace bustiers, we went acoustic.
A greek-non monster friend of mine, channelled the spirit of George Harrison via Charlie Mingus' macbook and serenaded us for a bit. We also got real weird after midnight (as goths are known to do) Here are a few highlights:
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After drinking the blood of the Lindbergh baby, (J├Ągermeister + vodka+cranberry juice + NyQuil Cough)
we all went to sleep, even the awoken spirits
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Join us next week on Goth Party at 10pm in chat when we try have a tea party with the ghost of Ronald Reagan and Marilyn Manson's assistant.
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