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Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Cannot End Well Part 2

Just a normal Chet Haze follower (click to enlarge)
Last month I showed you a retweet by Chet from a person who only follows Mr. Haze & Howard Stern. At the time I kind of felt sorry for his lack of awareness. But now I'm kind of jealous;
I would love to live in a world were a pretty girl in a bikini would devote her entire account just to tell me how awesome I am.

Maybe one day, once I learn to rap form the heart. 
What a weird looking tattoo. 
The only drawback from this would be that maybe it would be easy for people to make fun of me. It seems one could-in theory- create a rap producer account asking Chet to do raps about weird things, or maybe an account with a fictional gang, saying how they put Mr. Haze's music on blast. I really hope none of that stuff happens. So please DO NOT DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT. You don't want to be the subject of one of these stinging disses:
"Twitter haters bitter. Callin me a wigger. But the fact that I say Glock doesn't mean I pull the trigger. "-Chet Haze


  1. If any of y'all have a problem with CHaze, then you got a problem with DPanther.

  2. There is a girl I know who basically uses twitter to write about how she wants to have a threesome with this rapper Mac Miller. It is kind of sad actually.


  4. Dusky Panther, where is my upvote button?