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Monday, March 7, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity: Hey Y'all!

 Hi everyone! Welcome to the better half of this column, MINE! But before I throw your productivity to the fishes, perhaps you would like to know what it ever did to me. You see, my productivity makes me do things that suck, and I can assume that this is the same for you. So, being your friend (NOT A CREEPY STALKER LOOKING AT YOU RIGHT NOW), I just want to make you happy, and this is a good way to do it. Alright, let's MOTHERFUCKING PROCRASTINATE! 

For Your Brain
Fancy Pants Adventures 2  

A platformer filled with back flips, snail-shell golf, trophies, hidden worlds, ice cream, swirls (OMG), and of course, men wearing fancy pants. It also is quite long, so you can procrastinate for a large period of time if needed. You can find the link to the first game here.


Ah, the tower defence game. I've never really liked them that much, but despite the name, (UGH MY BRAIN IS BARFING), I found this one to be quite enjoyable. No I don't know why, what is this, an interrogation? Look, let's just say that it's a good game and leave it at that.

For Your Ears
Unlike my brother's half, these are just songs that I'm into right now. Could be anything, really. As well, I will try to showcase a new band each week. So if you think you can handle it, let's gooooo!

The Dodos - God? 

New Order - Age of Consent

YACHT - Ring The Bell

Brand New Band: Coma Cinema

Very good. Very band. Their new album will be released for free on their website March 15.

For Your Eyes
Did you know that there is so much Regular Show on YouTube? There is so much Regular Show on YouTube. You should watch it.

Not sure if this has already gone around, but it makes me happy/terrifies me.

And of course, a wonderful comic created by Anthony "Nedroid" Clarke and Emmy Cicierega. Follow them on Twitter!
I guess that's it. I'm all out of links. See you next time!

PS: If you would like any of the musix I posted, leave a comment and I can post it to the Monster Jukebox.


  1. Ring the Bell is my favorite YACHT song.

  2. That fucking camel just GETS IT!!!

  3. Great to see the "Does His Doghouse Have a Fucking Working Chimney?" tag still getting some play.