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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I've got 99 Pokemon but Onix ain't one.  - Fozzy

Purple Stuff and Juice  - Teacherman

Baby Got Backpack  - Lawblog

Move Mom! Get out my room! Get out my room, Mom! Get out my room!  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

Bikin' down the street, eatin' Twizzlers, sippin' on Mountain Dew / Got my mind on my homework and my homework on my mind - Teacherman

We can sext in the premiere screening of Twilight, cuz you know it got sold out  - Ian

I've got a girlfriend (I've got a giiiiirlfriend) in a different area code. (area) Code. (code)  #BandNerdRap - Lawblog

lick lick lick lick me like a ring pop, what's that  - Ian

Kraft Rules Everything Around Me  - Lawblog

No one Tween should have all that glower.  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

Wakeup Wakeup. It's the first day of class. Get up Get up. - Lawblog

No one teacher should give me all those hours  - Teacherman

No one class should take all that hour.  - BabyFriday

Ride to the Pizza Hut. Ride to the Taco Bell. I need a ride to Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

All of the phones -- iPhones, smart phones, droid phones, in my home, when I roam!  - Teacherman

Who's House? Dad's House.  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

When you get an assignment / And you don't wanna write it / What cha gon do? / Ghost write it  - Teacherman

Today I didn't even have to use my TI-89. Today was a good day. - Fozzy

Gonna keep on tryin' to get a girl to touch it/ My left hand ain't enough to fuck with.  #poorhornyteenboys - BabyFriday

I once held hands in a Burger King dining room.  - Mounty

Spilled something on my sweater already/ Mom's spaghetti - BabyFriday

Ladi Dadi/ I like to party/ I stand on sidelines/ I don't dance with nobody  - TopKnot

Mo' allowance, mo' problems.  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

Nowadays all these parents wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothin comes out when they move their lips...  - Teacherman

I left my backpack in El Segundo.  - Mounty

Can't you see we in the rumpus room? Man shut the fuck up! - BabyFriday

I Get Around (in my mom's mini-van)  - TopKnot

Can I Kick It? Yes I Can! I made the JV Soccer Team!  - TopKnot

The way that Kathy Lee needed Regis that's the way I need to get out of this geography quiz  - KelBurrows

A million here/ A million there/ I just got/ My first chest hair - TopKnot

Straight outta Spencer's, a crazy whoopee cushion with a remote. - Fozzy

Senior boys doncha let your grades mmmmmmmmm drop! - Teacherman

Brush that dirt off your shoulder. And comb your hair! We're going to visit your grandmother  - Lawblog

H to the omeroom, V to arsity!  - TopKnot

Yeah, I'm a Monster / Like Motherfuckin' Son of Gabe  - KelBurrows

"This is Death of Auto-Tune. JK, don't worry, Auto-Tune will never die."  - Huckabeast

When I'm shoveling the snow, pay me $4, brother.  - Mounty

I make it rain...because I don't want to go to soccer practice. - BabyFriday

This one time my brother tried to hypnotize me...which is just stupid. He's such a little brat and I hate him!  - KelBurrows

Another detention / Another detention / Another detention / Another detention  - Teacherman

And every time I step into the classroom, all the Silly Bandz go up!....... And they stay there.  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

Get back, homeroom mother, you don't know me like that! - BabyFriday

Day and Night/I think about boobs Day and Night  - Lawblog

Ain't nothing' but a PG-13 thang baby  - TopKnot

In Neeewwww Yoooorrrkkkk, I'm not allowed to go out or do anything.  - KelBurrows

So to you other kids all across the land / There's no need to argue, parents just don't understand  - Teacherman

So what'cha what'cha what'cha you want (what'cha want)? I'm gettin' lunch with the money that I brought  - Mounty

I hate it when you call me Big Pop-a-Zit!  - TopKnot

It's a hard knock life for us/ It's a hard knock life/ Instead of frees we get tests/ instead of cool clothes our moms buy vests  - Lawblog

"Who taught you all the imperfect subjunctive endings in Spanish?" "@babyfriday taught me."  - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

No sleep till bedtime!!!  - Teacherman

N.W.A. (Nerds With Acne)  - TopKnot

"Who taught you about the difference between gerunds and participles?" "@teacherman taught me"  - Lawblog

Now I ain't sayin she's a grade grubber / but she ain't hangin with no chess clubbers  - Teacherman

Vomit on my sweater already,gggggggrroooooosssssss I just got this sweater from the gap, mom will kill me  - Ian

Rollin' a natural 20 on a charisma check with a 20 sided die. (Laid back.)  #tooclosetohome - Frank Lloyd Wrong 

An' when he get on, he leave yo' ass for a ninth grader.  - BabyFriday

Noone on the corner is waiting for the bus. Waiting for the bus. Wait waiting for the bus. - Lawblog

BFFs forever/ Throw your cellphones in the sky if you feel the vibe - Lawblog

All I wanna do is [text text text text] and ah [sound of engine starting] drive Dad's Chevaaaaayyyy - Teacherman

I'll Cheat Cheat on this math test! I'll cheat cheat goddamn. - Frank Lloyd Wrong
You a facebook ho with myspace money - JawnOfTheDead

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  1. School life's a bitch, I wanna die
    but that's not why we get high