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Friday, March 11, 2011

MTT: You guys watch Fringe?

Jesus fucking Christ I know. I know I'm way late. You'd think a guy with a time machine would have no problem with deadlines. Well, you would be right.... on your way to being a dick. Not a lot of story on this one. This is simply a collection of very very expensive photos and paintings that I have featuring a particularly invasive monster. If you, like me, are obsessed with the show Fringe (FOX Fridays @ 9) than you will be aware of the concept of The Observer. If you are not aware of that concept may I suggest that you dedicate the next 46 hours to your television, Olivia, Walter, and Peter.
For the uninitiated, The Observer is a timeless being that happens to show up at memorable events through out history. He (usually) does not effect these moments, he simply observes. Hence the name. Franklloydwrong is not an observer. He is similar. While he is timeless and he does show up through out history, he tries very very hard to effect these moments. Well, not the moments themselves but the documenting of those moments. You see, FLW hates cameras, camerapeople, and painters. He is 1/4 Aboriginal and therefore believes that capturing your image captures your soul. But he only one quarter beliefs that. The other three quarters just likes to ruin other peoples photos.
So without further ado, some of my personal collection of the un-doctored originals of famous photos featuring the world's first photobomber Frank Lloyd Wrong.
Mr. Hitler and his extended family try to have a nice mid day tea. "Not so fast Aunt Mellinda you dirty scrap booker you!" shouts FLW.
Here, Frank ruins a photo that is not only poignant but absurdly jackable.
One of the most famous album covers of all time. George Harrison once told me that they almost named the album after what the man in the back was yelling. What a different world it would be if She's So Heavy was my favorite track off of The Beatles' "It Clearly Says 'Don't Walk' Assholes"
This doesn't make any sense. Mimicking people is rude. Especially when they are being gutshot. Insult to injury.
So what did we learn?
1) FLW looks a lot like Teacherman and doing their stories back to back is bad planning.
2) Photobombing is ALWAYS funny but NEVER appreciated
3) THIS was worth a 2 week hiatus?
Next time: The original teabagging American hero.
I love you,


  1. Photobombing is like running water; necessary but unappreciated.

  2. Now that the truth is out, I can tell you a funny little anecdote about that last pic.

    Fat Joe from the Terror Squad happened to be with me that day and he got the inspiration for "Lean Back" from Detective James Leavelle, the guy in the white suit. The more you know.

  3. This may be my favorite running column.

  4. Thanks again for all your nice comments