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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Monster YouTube Club, Volume 1

We all spend so much time making fun of crazy people who document their lives on the Internet that sometimes I think we forget that we are also, ourselves, crazy people who document our lives on the Internet. That's why this morning I put out a call for Monsters who also operated YouTube accounts; I knew I wasn't the only one. And I'm not!

But I'm writing this fucking post, so I might as well go first. For two years I have been writing/animating a web series called Rock and Sock and Robot, which is rapidly approaching 100 episodes. Here's a recent one:

But enough about me, what about you? Did you know Maisonaise has a YouTube channel? Here is a video about how Russians have weird sense of humor:

Jake McKay has a YouTube channel too, and he does a lot of different things, including animation that is better than my animation which is why I'm not embedding that shit! But I'm pretty sure you guys get how the Internet works and you can click through if you want.

Chris Trash even has a YouTube channel, which I forced him to make active today! Here is his first video!

Finally, here's a stop motion video from LulaCrazyGirl!

Yayyy creativity! If you are one of those godforsaken YouTubers as well, let me know on Twitter or in the comments, so that there can actually be a volume 2 of this thing.


  1. Patrick M suggested a rotating corpse idea for the monsters. Maybe we can do a Video version too?

  2. Hey, these are good. Let me rephrase that: HEY THESE ARE GOOD!

  3. I have a youtube account that I rarely post stuff to? I don't have the time anymore. But I have one!