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Sunday, December 19, 2010

MonsterGum DropBox

Hey Guys -
DS3M, your swashbuckler here, with a friendly reminder about downloading and piracy:
You Shouldn't Do It.  Buy Your Music. Be Legit. Thank You.

Now that that's out of the way

I operate a folder that floats out on the interwebs
it has all the music that you folks might have an interest in
Twittering about hot shit or the latest leak?
It'll probably be on the box before you and I can speak

So avoid all the legal ish that comes with stealing tunes
just come to my folder on dropbox and I'll take care of you.
DM me at
And I will add you to the box, Happy Musictimes, friends!


  1. Oh Yeah, HAI GUYZZZ -
    Dragging and dropping moves it out of the folder permanently to your desktop, vs copying which leaves the files in the dropbox to be taken by all at their leisure.

  2. I've posted my opus 2010 best of year end mix to DS3M's dropbox as a Christmas gift to my monster friends. Enjoy if you are interested! The anchor song on side A is We Monsters by the brilliant Lawblog. And yes it is also on the version that I am distributing to friends, family, and co-workers.

    Yeah, I'm a monster. Like motherfucking Huckabeast.

  3. May I please be added for access to the dropbox action? Thanks!