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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Swan Movie Club Discussion

So I am a little late with the Black Swan Movie Club Summary. Sorry about that but, hopefully, it gave everyone a little more time to see the movie. I'm not really great at writing but one thing I am good at is scouring the internet for gifs. So after the break, my review of Black Swan told through Black Swan gifs.

There may be spoilers in the gifs so don't click through unless you have already seen the movie or don't care about spoilers.

I Want To Be Perfect

Whore Mirror

Having A Bad Day

Aronofsky Teaches

Natalie Tries To Loosen Up

Winona Gets Replaced

The Girls Flirt

The Girls Do More Than Flirt

The Girls Do A Lot More Than Flirt

The Mirror Is Out To Get You

Getting Ready To Perform

White Swan

Uh Oh, Someone Is Evil Now

Black Swan Eyes

Black Swan Spins


I Was Perfect

I enjoyed the movie but it really left me unsettled at the end. What did you think about the movie?


  1. I LOVED this movie. Proof? I've seen it twice. It has easily become one of my favorites. I thought it was brilliant that from the very beginning, starting with her dream, it's the story of Swan Lake (yet only realized by the final act). Yet it's grounded by the inappropriate relationship between a mother and her daughter - enough so that the delusions are allowable if not totally welcomed. Natalie Portman KILLED it in this movie. And Aronofsky has again won my heart for making an original film that wasn't predictable (I'm looking at you, Requiem For A Dream).

  2. The movie was flawlessly made, yet i did not enjoy it. I think Portman & the Creepy guy were awesome. Kunis was cast perfectly also. The mother was great, at the begining I was like "Yowza, Yowza! Jeanine Dickinson CAN ACT! Yowza! (It was not Jeanine Dickison, but that just says more about the actual actress[Acting Mcgee was her name, I believe])

    At the beginning of the film I considered walking out because the sound was too loud and the shakiness of the camera-work.

    That being said I think it was entirely predictable, sorry Cake. I did not know what the film was about(I try not to know to much about a movie before I see it) but once the disjointedness between the camera, the music & the story was went underway, I realized what was going to happen. Not EXACTLY what was going to happen, but I knew something grandly fucked up was definitely underway. The movie in itself was just an escalation of a shitty shitstorm, much the same way Requiem was. I thought this was going to be a quiet solemn film about ballet, but it was Requiem 2.0. Congrats Aronofsky you got me again.

  3. @Chris Trash,

    You obviously did not get the point of the movie. Let me tell you about my experience: When I got to the theater with my wife & our wife I was surrounded by a family of mid-western, cheese-eating oafs. They laughed at the "shut your phone" ad, which they have probably seen a million times.
    I believe they were sold as this being a light hearted movie, because they laughed at any possible opportunity in the first half of the film. They kept calling each other to check where they were before the trailers started. They also coughed without covering their mouths & ate buttered popcorn throughout. At the latter part of the film, the girl sitting next to me screamed at the top of her lungs when she realized what kind of film she dragged her family to see. At one point her younger brother (about 17 years old I assume) turned around and loudly whispered: "What is this movie?" They left maybe perturbed, but I bet you any unsettling elements were brought with them way before they entered the theater. Anyways, Aronofsky made a great film, the "Black Swan scene" in particular is one, if not the most, beautiful uses of CGI I've ever seen on a film. Great artists don't just pander to their audience, sometimes they make them cringe.
    But you know... you didn't like it...whatever.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with the film. Walking out of the movie I was floored by how intense the movie grew to become and how it did seem like a mash of requiem and the wrestler. A couple of things kind of bugged me about the film and the first is that it become very repetitive. Like Chris I could see where the movie was headed and I started to wish it would reach that point earlier in the film. (I only need maybe one shot of Natalie Portman's head on Kunis' body to get the gist) also the cgi was understandably that of a independent movie but it kind of threw me out of it due to it's heavy use in the movie. But like I said, I really liked it! Aronofskys gonna Aronofsky or whatever.

    @Hipster Dad This happens to me every time I go to the theatre. I just have a low tolerance about how one should watch a movie.

  5. McJake, I agree that Aronofsky was beating us over the head with the White Swan/Black Swan metaphors and imagery. BUT HOT DAMN, was it great or what?

    And, @HipsterDad, I have to say I was slightly annoyed by the audience's laughter in certain parts... people often laugh in place of dealing with uncomfortable feelings, no? Also, I had trouble accepting Winona Ryder's casting. But other than that... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! Favorite of 2011, hands down. Then again... I'm a girl.

  6. I loved Black Swan. Aronofsky's one of my favourite directors, and this definitely didn't disappoint, even if it was pretty much exactly what I expected. It was a little heavy-handed with its metaphors and obvious about where it was going, but it was obviously going in a direction that I was excited about, and the growing tension getting to that point was great, so it didn't matter.

    Speaking of inappropriate laughter at a movie, I just saw True Grit last night - which was amazing - but there's a scene where Jeff Bridges' character repeatedly kicks a couple of Native American children off their porch into the dirt because, you know, racial tension in the Wild West, but the audience was LOVING IT. I haven't been that uncomfortable with an audience's reaction since the one that stood up and applauded at the end of Austin Powers in Goldmember.

  7. you guys, i LOVED this movie. even if some of it was obvious, i think what kept it interesting was (were?) the details. also, i canNOT get that scene where natalie's dancing the black swan and the feathers are finally coming out and then she poses with the silhouette of swans' wings behind her....SO GOOD!

    also, look at these if you want- also brilliant!

  8. @Polythene Pam


  9. Spoiler alert for True Grit, you mean? It's from a scene that happens near the beginning of the film, and has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the movie - it's just something to help show Bridges' character as kind of off-colour. It probably would have been in the trailer if it wasn't such a racist scene.

    If people are worried about that sort of thing, why isn't everyone up in arms about Chris Trash spoiling the ending to Black Swan in his Inside the Monster's Studio post?

  10. Sorry, you guys, but I didn't like this movie. It was beautifully done, and it had me on the edge of my seat. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were both awesome, but the ending left little to be desired. I was waiting for some big twist at the end and it never came. I just feel like the investment wasn't worth the payoff.

    Also, @Polythene Pam, I saw True Grit also and I think you are taking the scene for something else. I don't think he is kicking the kids b/c he is racist, but b/c they were being cruel to the horse. They had the horse tied up and were poking him with sharp sticks. That is why Rooster let the horse go. I saw it as him kicking the kids for acting like little assholes, not b/c they were Native American.

  11. I agree with @thisismynightmare. It was well done, but maybe because I was told that "there was a twist" and "you'll like it...just TRUST ME *wink*" I kind of knew what was going to happen. I kept thinking, "Fight Club"...but without the closure of FIght Club.

    Yes, I'm still thinking about the movie, but...meh. I give it a B-