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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monster X-Mas: The Song

Okay y'all, so I made a Christmas song for all you monsters out there. It's not the best recording ever, but you know what? I'm not lawblog! Garageband might as well be Korean Trigonometry to me! So get off my case already, yeesh.

Anywhooooo, find the link below. Hope you all enjoy!

Also, here are the lyrics:

Christmas Eve Night, holly and cheer
Everybody is here even Gabe and Soft Gabe
We're all snuggled tight; a fire is blazing
Everyone is cramazing in their best PJs
Lawblog is laying down some Christmas beats
While Birdie the Dog is laying down some Christmas tweets
Frank Lloyd Wrong is keeping everyone in stitches
I'm writing my song for a monster Christmas

It's a monster Christmas, and anything is possible
It don't matter if you're Christian, Jewish, or even if you don't believe in anything at all
We may not know each other's names, but that don't mean the love is virtual
It's a monster Christmas -- it's gonna be the best Christmas of all!

Hot cocoa in hand, around Mans we've crowded
To hear him read aloud about certain Christmas ghosts
The Narrator and This Is My Nightmare
Are sneaking off upstairs to find some mistletoe
Huckabeast is baking up some Christmas cookies
Most everybody is drunker than a Christmas Snooki
Wettrew is jotting down the master gift list
Dreams can come true on a monster Christmas!

Chorus x2


  1. Well done, teacherman, that's awesome!

  2. This is great...Wouldn't it be great if this could actually happen?

  3. teacherman... Spiderman pie, my friend. Spiderman pie. A glass of scotch for you if we ever meet IRL.

  4. Awww. I am flailing like a happy muppet right now.

  5. Thanks for all the love guys. Glad you enjoyed the song! FLW, I'll take you up on that scotch now (check the time stamp, I ain't even care).

  6. Good work teacherman! i love it!

  7. Teach, there is no link to download this on Soundcloud. How can I make this MP3 my very own????