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Monday, December 20, 2010

Now THAT is funny.

In the fantasy football draft of the human experience I am drafting “funny” first overall and whoever is drafting second can draft “love” or “family” and make me look like a total asshole. I am absolutely comfortable being an asshole.
The other day I tweeted our friend Fozzy that I wanted a zombie-joke to be etched on my tombstone. He tweeted back promising to sing November Raaaiiiiinnn at my funeral. There are no words to describe how happy this made me. We were, of course, joking but actually NO, I do want those things! I want Fozzy to sing a zombie song at my funeral! I want Gabe to come and say “Kel died. Get it? You get. Ding dong! Go to bed, Kel’s corpse. The grieving family needs to RELAX.” I want Werttrew to post an animated gif on my coffin whilst carrying Notsewfast in a baby bjorn. I want Teacherman to rhyme “carcass” with “ruckus” in a #ripkelrap. I want CakeorDeath to say “’Could Kel BE any more dead?’ – Badandler Ching.” I want Baby Friday to say something that is so adorably funny that I have to re-die all over again. Make this shit happen! If you don’t, I am going to haunt the fuck out of all of you from the afterlife.
The point being: humor is the center of my life on this barfy planet and in this segment I am going to be posting things that I find to be wildly funny and I hope you will enjoy them even a little bit as much as I do.
This week’s theme: Star Wars!


  1. OK Monday, let's do this. Kel just made it safe to go outside.

  2. I think the funniest part about this was the paragraph above the videos!

  3. "Spectacular displays, both nautical and aerial / We pulling out the stops for this here Kelburial."

  4. "Let us recognize before Kel is laid to rest / That ruckus and carcass are slant rhymes at best." #ripkelrap

  5. Kel, all I have to say about this post:

    Now THAT Is Funny!

    (See what I did there? You see what I did there...)

  6. Kel: I promise to put a three roses and a bottle of whiskey** on your grave on your birthday every year.

    **The whiskey will be "Rebel Yell" because I'm not Rockefeller.

  7. You guys are a considerably larger blessing than this particular asshole could ever hope to deserve.