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Friday, December 24, 2010

No Paparazzo-O: Déjà Suvari

Hey Kids!

There hasn't been much celeb-spotting as of late, as you may have noticed. My guess is that it's because they're all on holiday in St. Barthes or wherever it is they go to be photographed trotting along on beaches in their tiny bathing suits while sipping Appletinis and swimming with dolphins. They wouldn't be caught dead in stinky L.A. during Christmas. No way! Well I have three words for them: Worst. Beach. Bodies. I hope your cellulite winds up on the cover of Star magazine, jerks!

Anyway, I totally saw a celebrity today, gang! Except it was Mena Suvari, and I've already seen her, as you'll recall, at the Somewhere premiere earlier this month. She looked about the same as this:

 I was doing some last-minute shopping in Silver Lake and she was getting out of a BMW to get a coffee or juice or something else for her liquid & air diet. She asked the driver of the car, "large or small?"

This reminds me of something else, gang, and that is I HATE BMW's! Oh my god! They are the worst! They always cut me off or high-beam me or don't allow me to change lanes when I need to. UGH! I have a car philosophy/theory that I won't bore you with now, but just know that BMW's suck ass. And if any monster is an owner of a BMW, I would say that to your face!

Anyway, again, Merry Christmas!


  1. So, I've been attempting to lose weight via the "liquid & air" diet for months and have lost nada. I don't understand! Can someone help???

    I should mention that, to me, "liquid" is whiskey and "air" is fluffy light and delicious donuts.

    Totes Jenny Craignog. Right?

  2. I have a BMW. Does this mean I can't be in the super exclusive best friends club, anymore????

    (Ok, I don't have a BMW...)

  3. She was in the Psych finale, and she was great! Still workin' it. I want a BMW, BTW.

  4. If I had a BMW, I'd cut you off in traffic...