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Friday, December 24, 2010

Videogum 2010 Song Contest: The MIxtape

The hottest most dinkin flicka' mixtape of the year is finally here. Download over at:
2010 VG Song Mixtape

Inside booklet:
Track list:

1.      An American Patriot's Twitter Feed - Underwear Eyes & Bingo Gas Station
2.      I Wanna be Upvoted! (Take Me to the Monster’s Ball) - Hey Now!
3.      Gum or Double Rainbow in Three Acts -  Spaceprophet
4.      We Monsters - Lawblog
5.      Winnebago man we love you - Mariannesp
6.      She Gave Me VG – Randall Seversen
7.      Videogum Song – Tombolo feat. Charles Bukowski
8.      Sad Keanu’s Sad Song - Elvis Vs. Shark
9.      Cheer up, Sad Keanu - Topknot
10.  Jacob & Andy singing double Rainbow on the Tour Bus - Dogs on Tour feat. Faviator
11.  She’s Pretty (song for Jessica) - Slothdrop
12.  Fell in love with a Monster - Teacherman
13.  The WMOAT Song - Robin Rubbermaid
14.  BrodyQuest Mashup –Taser! Taser! Taser! Feat. Leigh
15.  Videogum Sonnng - Enjoy the Salad feat. Fresh Rinse feat. Jeff, garbage_face, Liz, funkles, and grace6697
16.  Hello Monsters (A Videogum Love Song) - Alexxx
17.  We Should All Be So Lucky - Topknot
18.  Goodbye Monkey (Whither Da cake Eatur) - Robin Rubbermaid
19.  J.O.R.T.S.  -  Jorts Division feat. Del Preston
20.  Bonus track: We Monsters Instrumental

Thanks to every monster that participated in the Videogum song contest this year. If you want me to mention your band & you are a monster let me know. We also have a Last.Fm page where lolwut can you and/or your band.
 If I omitted you from the mixtape let me know I will add you.

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