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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inside The Monsters Studio: Chris Trash

Hey look! It’s almost Christmas! Santa has brought you all a wonderful shiny new edition of Inside The Monsters Studio! This time I sat down with Chris Trash, event coordinator extraordinaire. Does he have anything worthwhile to say? Let’s find out!

Videogum name: Chris Trash
Videogum avatar: Man dancing with black cat, black cat with funny hat, huge cat shadow, etc
Real name (optional): Dave Trash
Location: Chicago
Favorite sitcom (excluding Arrested Development): all time full house, current community
Favorite wing flavor: buffalo, but I prefer tenders
Karaoke song of choice: Tender by Blur
Worst movie you’ve ever seen: A history of violenc

Q. Mr. Trash, you change profile pictures often, and now you have no picture at all? What’s up with that?

A. that's just how Videogum reacts to Facebook connect. I guess i could try to always log in with my vg account but i always forget.

Q. So what you’re saying is that you put the needs of Facebook above the needs of Videogum? You consider Zuckerburg superior to Delahaye?

Q. Not at all, VG is the second site I've ever joined. But Facebook makes things easier

A. Gmail. My Facebook in fact is only used for vg purposes

Q. So then how do you explain those Farmville gifts you keep sending me?

A. Vodka. I guess once i started internetting i went a little overboard.

Q. That explains the violent, racist rants you post on my wall, too. Between arranging meetups and creating blogs, you’re very actively involved within the Videogum community. Do you have any plans to wrestle power away from Gabe at some point?

A. could never do that. I could never do his job, he kills himself over that blog. He's like (SPOILER ALERT) Natalie Portman in black swan. I was just mostly inspired by how a pop culture blog could have a culture of it's own. Werttrew really deserves most of the credit as far as monster activities go..

Q. So is WERTTREW planning a takeover, then? And you’re just his second in command? The Shmee to his Captain Hook?

A. Werttrew is not planning a takeover, to my knowledge, but i guess if he tells me to jump of a bridge i might consider it. Seriously though, no takeover, put down your battle gifs.

Q. Isn’t “battlegif” a type of Pokemon?

A. I would assume so, but I have only become a nerd in the past year, so I could not tell you for sure

Q. What were you before being a nerd? Juggalo? Junkie? Refugee?

A. I was an exercise freak, which i guess is like a nerd who works out instead of reading

Q. So you’re a treadmill trekkie? A powerlifting pointdexter?

A. I was, but in the past year I have been focusing on learning the internet
i feel like a guy who woke up from an internet coma.

Q. Have you found the part with all the porn yet?

A. there's porn on the internet?

Q. So much they’re considering changing the name of computers to “pornographs.” You’re also known to be quite a fan of Steve Winwood. Would you describe your feelings for him as a “higher love”?

A. No joke, I downloaded that song and replaced the cover art with Rolfe Dewolfe. Every time it comes up at random I giggle like a cartoon school girl. Do you think they have Steve Winwood porn? Asking for a friend

Q. This is the internet, they have EVERYTHING porn. Even animatronic wolf porn, I would imagine. Have you had any luck getting Steve to attend an external Videogum function?

A. No. A while back he said he would attend an Alabama meetup, but that was before his rise of fame. What is my one talent? Well, I'm glad you asked. I am good at picking talent. Steve's rise was helped by my support behind him. I was the first person to pick up on Mans' greatness. Teacherfriday boomed after I became involved with their relationship. And i seem to have encouraged a young Mr. Taco, early in his commentating career. That, or I'm delsusional.

Q. You DID support my now-abandoned Boy Meets World blog. We’re about out of time here, but before we go...bone/marry/kill with your fellow monsters. GO!

A. Cheat on Mans with Steve Winwood while Facetaco's body is in my trunk
just kidding taco, I love you, you sentient tortilla, you.

Chris Trash: fitness guru, future porn-addict, possible deviant. Hope you all enjoy getting loaded on spiked eggnog, we’ll be back next week with...somebody! Probably!


  1. I would just like to say that I wrote Taco this: Teacherfriday boomed after I became (please use appropriate word) with their relationship. I am not "involved" in Teacherfriday's relationship. For real Babyfriday, Teacherman & I are just friends.

  2. Woah, you're real name is Dave?! Dave & not Chris? How did I not know that?

  3. It's called artistic license, Trash! We know what the three of you have been doing, no need to hide it!

  4. This was truly funny and I enjoyed it immensely. That is all.

  5. Please do an interview with Atole next. He has interesting points of view on chemtrails.

  6. Also, to correct myself: "your" not "you're"

  7. @gangy, my real name is actually Harry Trash.

  8. @Chris *raises eyebrow* Well, now I'm just confused haha

  9. Taco, can we nominate Monsters for you to interview? Like we do for WMOAT.

  10. Is the second "Q" also answered by "Q"? It's a little confusing, in my mind the interviewer became the interviewee until I realized what had happened and had to take a little nap before I could try again. Otherwise, very enjoyable.