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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'd Hit That: Ryan Gosling

Every week I will pick a sexy dude that I would like to "hit" (don't play coy, you know what I mean!), and I will tell you why I would like to "hit that." First up is Ryan Gosling because DUH!!!!!!!!

MMMHMMMM! Look at that man meat, you guys! Very nice!

So here are some reasons I am in love with Ryan Gosling and I want to have his babies:

1.) He's totes a cutie. (Let's just get this one out of the way)


2.) He's an awesome actor! I mean have you seen his movies?! They are all great! (Even The Notebook) These are some of my favorites, and if you haven't seen these awesome movies, add them to your Netflix like yesterday:

Lars and the Real Girl
Half Nelson
United States of Leland

Speaking of Ryan being an awesome actor, I can't wait to see Blue Valentine. It drops December 31. Go see it!

3.) Have you ever seen an interview with this dude? He's funny and charming, and did I mention that he is hot? Check out this awesome interview clip from MTV where he reads my favorite "Hey Girl" from Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling:

This is my fav "Hey Girl":

4.) Last, but not least, Ryan is an awesome musician. Ryan's band Dead Man's Bones is cramazing, and if you don't believe me, check out this music video for their song "Name in Stone":

Now you all know why I have an unhealthy obsession with Ryan Gosling. Hopefully, now you also have an unhealthy obsession with his awesomeness. But back off because HE'S MINE!!!!!!


  1. Yeah, I'd hit that. Can't wait for the Paul Rudd edition!

  2. I did not know about this dude's band, but that video/song is great! I'm a straight guy, and I kind of feel like I'd hit that too!

  3. I'm a male, and won't comment on his hotness, but I am a huge fan. Dead Man's Bones is pretty amazing. And Lars and the Real Girl is one of my favorites.

    Also, this is one of my favorite videos of all time:

  4. Ryan Gosling is a great, but I always have to think about "Breaker High" or "Young Hercules" when I see him in anything recent. Great actor, though.

    For thisismynightmare, a reminder: