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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cruise Your Daddy

All right, monsters. I know a lot of meetups get thrown around, but this is going to be the meetup by which all others are measured. There will be a monster meetup in Heaven in 2012, and Mans will be like, "'s no cruise of 2011." BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!
Just kidding. Those who are there may still be square. Being there will be no indication of squareness. "GET TO THE POINT, TEACHERMAN!!!" A fair comment. Here's what I'm talking about:

BOOM! Imagine this: You, teacherman, and BabyFriday sitting poolside, enjoying a roast beef sandwich and a large glass of Vodka. TEMPTED??? "Kind of! Is this some sort of contest?" -- You. "Nope." -- teacherFriday. Here are the details

Who: You

What: A cruise

When: March 6-March 13

Where: Carnival Fantasy sails out of Charleston. Goes to Bahamas or something. Who cares. Here's the website:

Why: See above.

In conclusion:


  1. If I can talk the Narrator into this, I would love to go! But I don't know if I can do both Vegas and a cruise so close together...

  2. after you alight from your cruise, head to austin. this is timed perfectly with the beginning of the music portion of SXSW.
    also: everyone bother gabe about having a SXSW videogum party. stereogum already has a million. or like, three.

  3. I know it is my duty to be at every meetup, but man can you guys take it easy on me? This is getting a bit ridiculous. Put me as a maybe. Like maybe if I run into a leprecaun (I'm not sure if that is how it's spelt [spelt?] but it's 1 in the morning and I'm sleepy) and get its chest of gold. Wait that's not right... You know what I mean.