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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tales From the Chat

Unfortunately I can't chat as much as I once did, so I decided to post this question here:

How much do you tip?
I know there are arbitrary tipping rules out there, but how much do you actually tip?

  • Haircuts I go to Supercuts and they charge 13$ a cut. I tip the hair-person 4 or 5 dollars, depending if they try and make conversation. Tip: Don't make conversation with me hair-person. I don't care about the weather and I like to tell disturbing , the extra dollar is not worth it./ When I use to live on top of a hair salon in Wicker Park I would also tip 5$ even though the haircut was 25$. was this enough? It was only a man's cut, no frosting or creaming or whatever.
  • Pizza I tip 5$ to my regular pizza guy. They charge 22$ a pizza. 
  • Taxi If I'm downtown and only going a few blocks i tip 3$. If it's a long trip, let's say from the airport I tip 10$.
  • Restaurants & Bars I used to be a bartender when I was 16 (long story) so I'm pretty sure I over-tip. I quickly calculate 20% on my head then throw in a couple extra bucks. 
  • Massages I've only had a couple of massages because I tend to fart when nervous. I think I give $20 each time.
If I'm with someone else I try to give them the money and leave it up to them. Personally I think people who have to serve/assist me are annoyed with me so I think I over tip all around, is this true? How much do you tip and such?


  1. I tend to tip 20% across the board for pretty much everything. Haircuts and cabs are hard, because you're never really schooled in what is appropriate. I still generally tip 20% because it's easy to calculate quickly and can't ever really be read as cheap. Generally for drinks I tip $1 per drink, especially if it's something easy to make or a beer. If it's some complicated drink or if I get good treatment on a busy night then I'll tip more.

    I think there are separate rules for shit like limos and boat captains, but when am I ever going to be in a position to tip a boat captain?

  2. I am the same as Superglue - 20% for everyone! Unless you suck!

  3. It's not tipping I believe in, it's overtipping.

  4. I would like to offer my hand in marriage to whomever wrote the Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven comment above. Even if it's a woman. I ain't even care, I love you that much.

  5. I tip at a restaurant if the service is good but that's it... you guys tip too much!

  6. Why do you tip for haircuts and taxis and pizza?!?

  7. This is what caused the global recession, you guys!!! Or at least tipped it over the edge!

  8. Duncan, tipping in the states is pretty much necessary if service workers want to make a decent wage. Most waiters will get something like $3/hour as a wage and tips make up the vast majority of their pay. Just one more wonderful thing about our "merit-based" capitalist society!!!

  9. Because of personal experience and friends in the industry, I tend to over tip servers and bartenders. Everyone else gets a buck or two if they do a good job, but I try to avoid using services involving customary tips.

  10. I tip drill ALL day, baby.