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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Paparazzo-O

COD here again, back with some IRL celebrity observations that you definitely care about.

Earlier, as tweeted and mentioned in chat, I went to see Black Swan at the Arclight, Hollywood. The theater was busier than usual, and when exiting the parking structure I noticed paparazzi, bright lights, and lots of smokers dressed in black. It was a movie premiere! As I was wondering which movie was premiering and transforming one of my favorite theaters into a total cluster-fuck, I looked to my left and saw Stephen Dorff. Ding, ding, ding! It was for Somewhere, Sofia Coppola's new film. Spoiler alert: I just watched a screener of the movie the other night. Elle Fanning is adorable and also ADORABLE! The Fanning sisters are certainly on acting steroids. (Wouldn't it be cool if acting steroids actually existed and was something for which actors had to be tested? I digress...)

Black Swan was sold out for the next two showtimes. As I waited for my friends to arrive so we could grab a drink instead, I saw:


Bow down.

Everyone looked chic, less drug-y, and much taller than I expected (holy stripper shoes, Batman!). Confession: I geeked out a little with my friend about seeing Sofia Coppola. A FEMALE DIRECTOR! GADZOOKS! My very own dodo bird sighting! But I was cool about it. Unlike the roped-off quarantined fans screaming for autographs. Who are those people? No judgment, except for total judgment.*

Ciao for now!

*Not really. I'm a nice person!

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  1. If there really were acting steroids, I would argue that every actor should be required to take them. Give the best performance you possibly can, damnit! Then again, I feel the same way about pro athletes...

  2. So did you enjoy the movie? The new Coppola that is.

  3. I liked Somewhere, but I watched it in fragments b/c I kept falling asleep (NOT INDICATIVE OF THE MOVIE!). So I think I need to watch it from start to finish without any interruptions.

  4. I feel like her movies are made out of glass and mist, which is good. I don't know why I feel that way. I don't know why I fee any way.

  5. Cake, don't lie! We know you are a Plastic! You aren't fooling anyone!