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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy birthday Pizza Dog & bonus video.

Yesterday, after I had been working for 13 hours I was checking my Facebook and I saw that a fellow monster posted this:
"THANK GOD i just got an email titled "Pizza Dog turns 33 on January 12th" because what would i have done if i had forgotten PIZZA DOG'S BIRTHDAY? if i'm judging my year by the first week in emails then i'd say this year is an A+ THANKS INTERNET! 2011 never forget Pizza Dog's Birthday. happy birthday pizza dog. you earned it- i'm sure." 
I Had to go to the bathroom to try and contain my laughter.
Someone then linked to this unrelated video:
If anything this is too appropriate. 
Also, I know you guys probably have seen this but this was too awesome not to post:
Thanks Kel, & happy birthday Pizza Dog!

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