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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week One (It Begins...)

It's Monday, January 3. We all know what that means. It is time to to crack down and get this party started! WHO'S EXCITED?! I know I am!

I got my grocery shopping done yesterday which means I am currently enjoying a bowl of non-fat Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries. YUM! I also just finished my first workout of MFC. I started my morning off with P90X's Ab Ripper X workout. This is a workout I used to be able to do with out stopping, and I had to take a couple of breaks because my abs were burning! I can't wait to be able to do the whole workout without stopping again. After my intense ab workout, I hit the treadmill for a 45 minute run/walk combo. I got a nice burst of energy that I hope to carry me into the work day (by work, I actually mean Videogum commenting-DUH!).

Lulacrazygirl tweeted Saturday that Amazon is having a sale on fitness and wellness products. Click here if you are interested in checking it out.

Speaking of Twitter, if you don't already follow me, I am @dismynightmare. Make sure to follow me for MFC updates and instant motivation! Also, @thekelburrows is a certified personal trainer and has offered her advice. Follow her and DM her if you have any questions.

Some people suggested to me that we make this a competition, which would be fun, but I don't really know how that would be possible since we are all spread out all over the world. So if you want this be a competition and you have some ideas on how to make it work, let me know!

Since this is not a competition, I think it is important that we all set personal rewards for ourselves when we reach a goal. The reward can be anything you want it to be, such as buying a new pair of jeans, a spa day, a new tattoo (this is the reward I am looking at right now!), or a cruise with Baby Friday and Teacherman.

If you already started your plan last week, go ahead and discuss your progress in the comments below. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions please let me know in the comments also.

Next week, we will meet back here for our first official "weigh in." Remember, you don't have to disclose your actual weight if you don't want to. Good luck and stay strong, Monsters!

DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult with a doctor before starting any diet or weight loss program. MOBFD is not responsible for you having a heart attack or anything. DEAL WITH IT!


  1. I'm actually following a plan that has helped me lose almost 40 lbs. already. It's based on the work of Weston Price et. al., and the focus is on whole, unrefined meats, grains, and vegetables (meaning no sugar, dairy, refined flours, etc.). Not only has it helped me lose weight, but I've also noticed many other issues resolving, such as ear aches, gastrointestinal issues, and headaches.

    I've also been exercising at the gym a couple of times weekly, but now that I have my Wii Fit I anticipate being able to work out more frequently.

    Overall, though, I'm feeling good!

  2. I started my Wellness Program '011 last Monday, but I didn't have the balls to weigh myself until just now. YIKES!

    I get my epidural on Wednesday and start physical therapy later in the week. I'm excited to be able to move again after 13 months laid up. My first goal to lose those 20 lbs I blame on the injury.

    As soon as my doctor gives me the go ahead, I'm going to start working out 3-5 days a week. I'll continue my low cal diet with an emphasis on portion control. Also, limit the drinking. I got into the habit of drinking A LOT of beer the last six months. I won't tell you how much because you might call up Intervention on me, but those days are over.

  3. I actually found out that the 5 pounds I thought I had gained over winter break was actually just my scale being unbalanced. So it's like I lost 5 pounds already!

    I kind of started on the 1st. I'll start for real now though.
    I went to the grocery store and got a whole lot of new foods. I was amazed at all the different colors on my plate for lunch! And I'm cooking again which is always wonderful.

    As for workouts, I did a Jillian Michaels DVD. I forgot how much I hate her, but the stuff works. I'm good with the cardio but the strength kills me and I always take too many mini breaks. And yesterday I went on a long-ass hike with a friend. So far so good!

  4. today, i will run with my dog.
    i'm getting RID of my elliptical machine (although this craigslist person is TWO hours late). it's a reminder of my laziness and will allow more room for yoga time.

  5. I took the plunge and bought a scale yesterday, and now I am waiting for my Jillian Michaels DVDs to arrive (though, Slimer, you've scared me a little). If they don't get here today, Amazon gave me access to their Video on Demand for that workout, so I'll see about accessing that tonight.

    I'm back on the vegan wagon and taking my multivitamins, yay!

  6. Hi guys I'm a newer over at videogum and this is the first I've even heard of this place, but I coincidentally had the same plan in mind with my I'll keep checking in here too for some added motivation/advise.

    In the past I've had no problems losing the 20 lbs to get me to my usual weight (still overweight), but I'm going to try a slower approach this year, starting with a better balance of diet and exercise rather than a fad diet (South Beach in the past) where the weight piles on as soon as I stop.

    1. I like stylish clothes, but feel silly or uncomfortable in most of them. I'd like to be able to walk into a store and pick whatever I want.
    2. I used to run when I was much younger, but I'm embarrassingly out of shape now. I think I'd really enjoy running a few miles every day, but small steps, this will hopefully come later.
    3. Like I said I can drop weight pretty quickly when motivated, but that isn't exactly healthy. Most importantly I'd like to develop some healthy habits so that I won't need to make any of these resolutions next year....and really who wants to have man boobs during the apocalypse, it just isn't tasteful.

    Anyway to do all of that I think I'll need to lose 30-45 pounds. However long it takes.

    Goodbye beer, it's been fun. I'll see you again someday when I can learn to better control my urges!

  7. I started with a slow and steady wins the race type plan a few days ago (yoga, dance, eating low fat, etc), but today I start official training to climb Mt. Whitney in the summer.

    Treadmill, here I come for at least 45 min. Then those weights better watch out (for at least 10 minutes. Then I better watch out or I'm not going to be able to move tomorrow).

  8. Today, I had my first excercise of the new year. Weights 20 min, treadmill 15 min, bike 15 min and elliptical machine for an hour. Wanted to get rid of that lazy weight from over the break. Given the fact I hadn't really worked out since the 24th, I was pretty happy with my weigh-in. Tomorrow, I'm gonna have a morning work-out and check out what my weight is after, should be decent

  9. I bought my first two piece bathing suit last fall and I want to be able to wear it again, not only with my family (comfort zone) but with my friends and (gasp) boys!

    This morning I weighed in and I'm down 3.5 lbs. Sadly, it is mainly because I was so hungover from New Years Eve that I didn't eat much for two days. But, it was still nice to see a lower number on the scale and I will use the warm feeling I got as motivation.

    My goal is to have a bmi of 22.

    Right now I'm going to go exercise for a bit because I don't want to miss the premier of the bachelor. I like trashy tv. And if trashy tv motivates me to get my exercising done now (and not perpetually say I'll do it later), than I say MORE BACHELOR PLEASE.

  10. @katydid
    THANK YOU for reminding me about that.

  11. Hi Gang! Personal fitness guru to absolutely no one of any renown thekelburrows here! Just got a question in from Twitter that I thought I'd share my thoughts on.

    Question: I eat dinner at 7pm and work out at 8:30pm - is that OK? (Note - I am assuming the goal here is weight loss and not winning the Mr Universe contest)

    Short Answer: Yes, any workout is better than no work out but it's not the ideal.

    Longer Answer: Most trainers prefer you workout first thing in the morning for two reasons. 1) you are less likely to miss a workout earlier in the day (less stuff gets in the way) and 2) you are in a fasted state after sleeping and your body is forced to burn stored energy (i.e., fat) vs energy in the blood stream from food to fuel your workout. Not all energy in the blood stream will turn to fat, so if you are burning that off because you ate recently it's not as effective as if you did not recently eat. I try to never eat within three hours of working out, but that's just me. Anything longer than an hour is safe, less than that and you could cramp up or throw up. Not cute. Two hours or more is preferred depending on the size of the meal. REMEMBER TO BE SAFE AND DON'T PASS OUT FROM LOW BLOOD SUGAR OR ANYTHING CRAZY. Have a quick bite pre-workout if you need it. I am not a doctor. I do not want your blood on my hands. God speed and happy workouts.

  12. I'm starting tomorrow, but I weighed myself today, and I am almost as heavy as I've ever been. Imma try to take some tasteful nudes to chart my progress, but I won't likely be posting them online. Fingas xed that I'll be looking good soon.

  13. Teach and I took the dogs for several four-mile walks last week (four out of five days), plus we took our usual 2 1/2 mile walk with them each day this weekend. We were lazy last night (first day back at school was meetings and grading--yuck), but I plan to start hitting the gym again Wednesday. At the gym, I like to do 30 min of cardio (which is in addition to the daily dog walks), and then I lift weights on four machines (ab, two leg, one arm). I did really well with this workout over the summer, and then got short on time during the fall and picked up some extra pounds, so I'll be working on those. My main goal is to get rid of my "teacher arms"--the skin that flops around when I erase the board. Also, less bra fat.

  14. I started the dieting yesterday but will begin my workouts tomorrow. Last night I made a huge pot of vegetable soup for the week and also a few side dishes consisting of other vegetables and tofu in case I get bored. I haven't weighed myself yet (will do that in the morning) because I didn't hear about this until today, but I'm sure that I'm as heavy as I've ever been. I wrote my introduction in the first post, which I'm sure you guys are all dying to read. I'm looking forward to doing this together. I need some place to be accountable, and what better place than with you monsters?

  15. I wasn't gonna do this MFC because I am laaaazy but then I remembered that I want to run a 10K before my birthday in May, and then I realized the big one for my city is in April, and then I realized that I should register and get motivated. So I did that this morning! I'm doing a 10-week training program starting Jan 22, and in an attempt to not be the most out-of-shape person in the beginners class I am going to start training NOW. Well at lunchtime, when my friend and I go walking in the gym.

    I also am cutting back on soda (one a day, instead of drinking nothing but diet coke) and pizza, and eating more veggies. By more veggies, of course, I mean any veggies at all.

    (It's just occurred to me that pretty much any changes I make in my diet & exercise will benefit me because both are so dismal/non-existent right now.)