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Monday, January 3, 2011

The (Un)Official Guide For Coping with July 16, 2011...and Beyond

A dark day is coming. No, not Jan 1, 2012, but one even closer: July 16, 2011. A day we all have been dreading. The day that we shall rue for all our lives.

I am, of course, talking about the day after the final Harry Potter movie comes out.

Step 1: See the movie again
  • There’s a decent chance that you have missed some movie moments from all the cheering, crying or even blinking
  • This does not cover bathroom breaks because who leaves the theatre to go to the bathroom during Harry Potter?!
  • If needed, invest in a set of vision-boosters so you don’t miss a thing. Look how happy this fan is:
"I am so excited"
Step 2: Sing Your troubles away

Step 3: Take reassuring breaths. Then make someone cry.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Then, go on some entertainment website and start insulting the Twilight “SAGA”
  • When Harry Potter depravation occurs, nothing soothes a wounded soul like making a Twihard cry. The younger the better.

Emergency Code Emerald (In honor of Mr. Potter’s eyes): “Accidently” bump into Madame Rowling
  • Buy a ticket to Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Visit The Elephant House and Balmoral Hotel, the hallowed grounds where Madame Rowling wrote and, in case of the latter, where Deathly Hallows was finished
Please remember MOBFD does not endorse stalking.

Ok, ok I kid (mostly). But the truth is, July 15th is going to be an end of an era for me and many other Potter fans. I began reading Harry Potter in 2000 and have been going to midnight events since the 3rd movie in 2004.

In 2009, when my sister & I visited family in Italy, we realized we would be in a non-English speaking country when movie 6 came out. Clearly the logical thing to do was to fly to London to see the movie. (Thank you RyanAir for having super cheap flights)

I realize this is crazy, but it was also great fun and something I’ll always remember. (Not surprisingly, my Italian family thinks we are NUTS)
These crazy people are having a great time

And this summer will be the last new event. Eleven years of celebrating this series and it’s going to be over July 15th- At midnight with all my other nutter friends, of course.

So after July 15th, I have no idea what the hell I’m going to do and I'll have to come up with a real coping plan.


  1. For the record, I went to both the Balmoral and Elephant House when I was in Edinburgh and did not see Madame Rowling. So that was disappointing. I now hold you responsible, Gangy.

    On a more humorous note, the British Airways check in person at the airport in the states told me to "Enjoy your trip to 'eeden-burg'" You would think if you worked for BRITISH AIRWAYS you would learn how to pronounce the capital of Scotland.

  2. i will watch it at midnight, then watch it a week later when it comes out in imax.

  3. Lawblog, I knew I should have included an addendum for no guarantees. A crackerjack lawyer like you is too quick for me. :)