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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monster Movie Club: Announcement

We here at monster technologies have been focusing on discussing movies like Black Swan & True Grit. The reason for this is that these movies fall outside what Videogum usually covers. The unfortunate flip side to this is that many monsters live in places where these type of movies are not shown until much later than when they are premiered. In order to make the appeal of this feature much broader, we are going to try to focus on a different type of talkies.

Here's the deal, this is not a WMOAT clone. We will try to focus on what we think are quality unappreciated  films that the monsters might enjoy or Movies we've enjoyed but have forgotten. The movies should be relatively easy to get, ideally on Netflix Instant. If you cannot get the movies tune in to chat on Tuesday night, for tips on where to get them. We will then try to discuss them on Wednesday. Sounds good? C'mon, it's not THAT bad. I'll make a new post for the movie then.

This week's movie to be discussed Wednesday:

Spirit of the Marathon (Monster fit club edition)
I picked this one because, since this is short notice

Upcoming movies(in no particular order):
The Rock-afire Explosion
The King of Kong
Bigger, Stronger, Faster
The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
Wendy & Lucy

Rabbit Proof Fence
Dear Zachary
Wendy & Lucy
Cool as Ice
Which  Way Home
TMNT (1990)
Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?
Cool Runnings
The Wages of Fear
Jump Tomorrow

So leave a comment on what you want to see, as well as what movie you want to see for next week.


  1. Is Winter's Bone available yet? because i haven't seen it and everyone says it's good.

  2. Spirit of the Marathon is definitely worth your time. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. TMNT (1990)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me up. I HAVE OPINIONS.

  4. the delegate from Paperstreetsoapville seconds the nomination for TMNT (1990)