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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monster Movie Club: Spirit of the Marathon

Okay, so I realize this was in very short notice & no one watched it, but I'm still posting this just to get into a rhythm. If you want to check it out got here: Spirit of the Marathon 

The movie is pretty engaging but if you are not already interested by running or documentaries, this movie might not be for you. There are some great stories about how marathoning took shape as a sport near the middle. Which makes me wish they would have started the movie there. The people featured in the movie are great but can you imagine if all those 80s movies started with the training montages before the half-assed story? "Why is that guy eating raw eggs?" "why is that kid hanging out with that old Asian guy?" etc.

Anyways, next week we'll be discussing Exit Through the Gift Shop and in two weeks we'll be discussing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990). Also, don't forget to join our chats Tuesdays at 9pm Central.

1 comment:

  1. Although the editing and the music were great, the documentary itself was lacking. That was mainly to do with the fact that no one really had to overcome adversity or face struggles to run the marathon. Every single one was all like "I wanted to do it and after training, I did it". Whatever, disciplined person. Even the thing where the show what they did after was boring "She ran another marathon". Great. And that guy that said anyone in decent shape can run 26 miles? Fuck that guy.

    If it was just a movie of people running set to the same music with them only having short soundbites, it would have been ten times better.