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Sunday, April 10, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity

Hello human friends and good morning to you. I am definitely not a robot put into place by the masters in order to deal with the difficulties of writing a single blog post every week. *cough* Bleep bloop *cough* Anyways, it is time to activate chemicals in our brains through the internets. Airline food jokes.

For Your Brain 

I'm done with that. It's dumb. Sorry to break it to ya, but robots couldn't run a blog. That is just silly. Why would you believe me? Wait, are you from the future where there are BlogBots© (ABC, Always Be Copyrighting)? How good is Robo-Gabe at it? I bet he's not too bad. Anyways, you've seen this before, but now there's more stuff! YAAAAAAY!!!
For Your Ears

Chad VanGaalen - TMNT Mask

Black Mold (Chad VanGaalen) - Metal Spider Webs
Crazy video, watch out!
Brand New Band: Women
Oh man, soooooooo good. You can buy their stuff here (Canada/digital download) or here (US), and listen to their album Public Strain here.

For Your Eyes.
Here are some pretty the best Harry Potter comics, done by my fave, Emmy Cicierega.

I guess if you haven't listened to the The Best Show (does it work like that?) episode with Paul F. Tompkins in studio, please do that ASAP. And even if you have, it's three hours of exceptional comedy. How dare you judge me.

That's it! We're really running out of stuff here. Oh well, at least we got through this one. And I would just like to say that if you did not enjoy this, please go fuck yourself. But I luuuuuv the rest of you! Goodbye!


  1. Those Harry Potter comics are great!