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Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello friends! Let's get right into it. Pigeons are weird. They're slow and dull and they get in the way and, considering they are birds, they really stink. Like they smell bad. It's weird.

I guess pigeons can be useful and smart and whatever, like pretty much any other animal that someone would spend years training (check out my weather predicting snail!). But did you know that pigeons can also be leggy?

According to the National Pigeon Association, pigeons can be all sorts of fucked up shapes! More shapes!


Heart shaped.

Top heavy.

Mane pattern baldness.

Pigeon lump.

This is all I have time to post right now but you should seriously go check out all the weirdo pigeons on the NPA's website. And if you are a pigeoner, link some pictures of your pigeons in the comments!


  1. Nowhere near as freaky as these freaks.. but this is a fat pigeon I saw the other day

  2. Chernobyl ass looking motherfuckers

  3. These people really need to stop binding their pigeons.

  4. Thanks Duncan. That was a refreshing sorbet after the grotesque Jackalope pigeons above.