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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'd Hit That: Jimmy Fallon

I have said it time and time again. Funny guys are the best kinds of guys, and this week's subject is no exception.

Jimmy Fallon, you guys! This week is kind of also doubling as "Shows You Should Be Watching" sort of thing. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is pretty much the cat's pajamas. Seriously, this show has some of the most original sketches and bits and is consistently better on a day-to-day basis than, say, Saturday Night Live is on a week-to-week basis. Quite often they make me laugh until I cry. From the audience and celebrity games to the recurring TV show parodies to the interviews, this show is solid gold.

Below I have posted some of highlights from this fabulous late night program. I know it's a lot of videos, but really, you should watch each and every one of them. By the end, I dare you not to have a crush on Mr. Fallon.


This is a recurring sketch where Jimmy plays Robert Pattison and he sits in tree and talks about stuff that he hates. There was Valentine's Day one from last year that was really funny, but I couldn't find it. This one will work though.


Jimmy plays Justin Bieber and chats with us about current issues facing the world today. These are amazing.

Real Housewives of Late Night

Housewives is a parody of Bravo's Real Housewives... series and is just the most perfect thing. Jimmy, along with some writers and others play their fictional wives who get into crazy shenanigans and trash talk each other along the way. WATCH THIS NOW!

Video Vision

Remember those dumb educational videos we were forced to watch in middle school? Well, this is kinda like that, only far more entertaining. "Video Vision" might be my favorite series on Late Night.

Bob Dylan "Charles in Charge"

Quite often Jimmy shows off his musical skills in parody form, and this is a recent example of that.

Wheel of Carpet Samples

On Late Night, they are always playing silly games with the audience like "Spit Takes," "Put It in Reverse" and "Cell Phone Shoot-Out," among others. This is one of my favorite games right here.

Now these last two are really old, but are awesome-sauce. Since they are so old, the videos are no longer on Hulu, so I had to get them off Youtube and the quality isn't so great.


This is a parody of Glee, and in this episode, the Late Night glee club faces off against the cast of Parks and Rec and hilarity ensues.


"Late" is a parody of Lost in which Jimmy gets trapped on a deserted floor after a tragic elevator accident. On this floor, mysterious and amusing things begin to happen.

Ok, I know...TL;DW, right?!

Anyway, besides Jimmy being really funny, he is all totes a cutie. He is the kind of guy you can take home to mom. I know my mom loves Jimmy. She thinks he's adorable. He fills out a suit pretty well too, you guys. Also, he seems like probably the nicest guy on the planet? He would totes give you his jacket when it's cold and hold doors open for you and the old lady behind you. You know what?! I bet he is really awesome at getting his snuggle on.

One of my favorite things in life are gifs. So let's look at some gifs of Jimmy!

Bieber gifs!!!

Dance gifs!!! Jimmy has some SICK moves, y'all!

Puppy (resident pup Gary Frick) gif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I want to say that I know people don't like that Jimmy breaks in the middle of sketches, but to me that is one of the things that is so charming about him. In fact, it makes the sketch even funnier sometimes. Haters gonna hate, something, something, something...DEAL WITH IT!

Oh yeah, and I made this:


Now a reminder, be safe out there when you are hitting celebrities, you guys. You don't want to contract any gross diseases, ok?

Next time, I will countdown the Top 5 hotties on NBC Comedy!


  1. In semi-related news, today is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's. So I'm going to try a scoop of Late Night Snack in honor of this post!