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Friday, December 10, 2010

Inside The Monsters Studio: Thisismynightmare

Hello, friends, and welcome to MOBFD's newest column, Inside The Monsters Studio. Each week (or whenever I have time to update), I will be getting down and dirty with a different member of the Videogum community, getting to know their hopes, fears, and dreams. We'll be starting off with famed commenter thisismynightmare. Who is the person behind the screaming Jennifer Grey? Let's find out!

Videogum name:thissmynightmare
Videogum avatar: Frightened/angry Jennifer Grey
Real name (optional): Erica
Location: New Orleans
Favorite sitcom (excluding Arrested Development): Community for currently-running sitcoms, Seinfeld for all-time favorite
Favorite wing flavor: spicy garlic
Karaoke song of choice: Celebrity Skin by Hole
Worst movie you’ve ever seen: Citizen Kane

Q. Thisismynightmare...WHAT, exactly, is your nightmare?

A. My nightmare is being murdered by one of the Monsters that stalk me or "A day with out commenting, that is my nightmare."

Q. But isn’t it true that murder is the sincerest form of flattery?

A. Yes. I suppose that I would be honored to be murdered by a monster

Q. So really you're just afraid of being loved, is that right?

A. You cut to the depths of my soul, Taco (pun intended).

Q. I didn’t have to cut very deep. Moving on. You use Jennifer Grey as your videogum avatar. Who would you say that you can relate to more, a jealous, embittered sister of a chronic winner, or a feisty spirit who does not get put in a corner?

A. A fiesty spirit who does not get put into a corner

Q. What if Ryan Gosling wanted to put you into a corner?

A. I'd let him do that. BUT ONLY HIM!

Q. So it seems there really IS an exception to every rule. I notice that you’ve been trying to get “I’d hit that” established as your catchphrase in the comments. What’s the story behind that? Are you aiming for Winwood-level notoriety?

A. Well, The Narrator would say that I am a cyber-whore, and I think we need to represent the female side of VG. I am empowering the ladies of VG to take control! Winwood was totes the inspiration though.

Q. So that would make Winwood our generation’s Elizabeth Cady Stanton?

A. I suppose it would!

Q. I understand you are married to fellow monster The Narrator. How does he feel about your ridiculous crush on Canadian prettyboy Ryan Gosling?

A. He is extremely jealous. He has threatened divorce several times.

Q. Is he aware that Ryan Gosling is only attracted to his own ego, and thus not a threat?

A. (insert Ryan Gosling OH NO YOU DIDN'T gif here) (ed. note: Not going to do that.)

Q. And finally, let’s play a game. Bone/marry/kill, with your fellow monsters. GO!

A. Marry - Lawblog (obvs). Bone - Just Desserts. Kill - Facetaco (ed. note: As previously established, murder is the sincerest form of flattery, so I’m fairly certain that was an declaration of love.)

There you have it folks. Thisismynightmare: female boning rights activist, goslophile, possible murder-fetishist. NOW YOU KNOW.

Next week's subject will be...announced at a later date. But I'll try to pick a good one for you!


  1. Just so we are clear: NO ONE MURDER ME PLEASE!!!!!

    Really, I would be so pissed if one of you murdered me.

  2. Yay! This was awesome. I feel so close to you now.

  3. Citizen Kane is the worst movie? whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    this was really cool though


  5. Great pilot! I'd like to order an entire season, Taco.

  6. Papes, Rosebud was a fucking sled. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! REALLY?! This was me, "NOPE!" But really, it's not the worst movie, I just hated the ending and this was the first movie to pop into my head. So sue me!

  7. I think I'm going to enjoy this feature.

    Also, Celebrity Skin is a surprisingly fun karaoke song.