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Monday, January 17, 2011

Concert Log #3: Thirty Seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars at the Fox Theater in Pomona CA 1-14-2011

I went to this concert largely for nostalgia. 30 Seconds to Mars played a large role in my life musically. Up until around 2002, I really only listened to bands that were in heavy rotation on local Radio Stations. My entire music collection was made up of commercial Alternative bands: Green Day, Offspring, Incubus, Sublime, Foo Fighters, etc. In 2002, my local radio station played 30STM's Capricorn solely because Jared Leto was the lead singer. I had been in love with Jared Leto since My So Called Life. How could you not heart Jordan Catalano?I immediately went online, found their website and downloaded an early copy of their album from Limewire. A month later I was at their first club show as 30STM at a tiny venue on Houston in NYC. This was the first time I realized that I could see a band in a venue that didn't seat 10,000 people. I also learned a band could be good and get no recognition: air time on radio or MTV. I seriously had never thought about record companies paying to get airtime. (Yeah, I was an idiot back then.) Once I figured this fact out, I started surfing the internet and discovered whole new genres of music. found sites like My Old Kentucky Blog, Indie Surfer, and of course Stereogum. So, 30STM still holds a small place in my heart for causing my own little music revolution.

Now that I've explained the reasons behind my guilty pleasure, let's review the show. I was quite surprised when Jared first came out that he actually had a fairly normal hair style. Over the years, I have seen the Flock of Seagulls do, the tight braids, wind tunnel hair, and the pink Mohawk. So short and blond is really normal. Although he did make up for the normal hair by wearing an eccentric outfit. You rarely see men rocking the fur jacket but Jared worked it. By the end of the fourth song, the jacket was off leaving Jared in a Muscle Tee. Sadly I was too far away to get great photos but here's some grainy shots of the Leto Boys:The band always puts on a good show. They are super energetic and constantly prod the audience to interact whether through singing, jumping, and at the end joining them on stage.

Check out my youtube videos of two acoustic songs. After 24 hours, I already had over 1000 hits on one and 600 on the other. The echelon really love their youtube.

My only real gripe with this show was that they didn't play a single song off their first album. Seeing as how that's my favorite one, I would have loved to hear at least one song.

My next show is Cold War Kids in a tiny hole in the wall venue. So look for that post next week.

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  1. Here is my brain reading this post "blah blah blah LETO NIPPLES!!! blah blah blah". Lord bless and keep you, Concert Addict.