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Friday, January 21, 2011

Monster Kiva team.

You know that time your friend invited you to something only to try and sell you a time share or something? What's that? You don't consider me a friend? Stop hurting my feelings and just bear with me for a minute.
Monsters are the most successful Internet commentators in the web: fact. We are also good people who like to give back to our e-community. I figure, why not give to the real world? That's were we keep our computers after all. Maybe you can't give right now, but that's fine your support by joining is appreciated.

Now, I'm not Professor Charity over here; I once gave money to Lyndon Larouche because I thought his supporter was going to wash my windshield. The point is this: I've heard good things about Kiva and they seem to have a good reputation. Watch the embedded video below and check out the Kiva Monster Team site and judge for yourself.


  1. So, I posted a really funny cat gif on the Kiva site and have yet to receive a single up-vote. What gives?

    I'm KIDDING. This is wonderful and I will do what I can to support with both my heart and pocketbook. Thanks for making us all a better community, CT.

  2. I joined, but I don't have any money. I'll make some loans when I do.

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