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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Monsters' Guide To : Beautificating Your Comments

Hi kids, you might be asking why I'm writing this post since my posts are disjointed and full of typos and "creative" grammar. Well, this isn't about me smartypants! This isn't about what kind of jokes you should do, or what you should say either. These are just a few things I've picked up that helps your comments become prettier.

Sharing big images. The problem with embedding huge images is that they slow down the page and make the thread hard to read. Let's pretend that I wanted to post this beautiful pic at full size.

Sure, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, but it's so long that it slows down the loading time and it disrupts the conversation. You could compress the image but then it doesn't look as awesome.

So an alternative to this is simply cropping the image in a horizontal rectangle way. This way the image keeps it's resolution  and your comment doesn't take over the space of ten comments.
HTML Now, I'm no good at "The HTML" because that requires reviewing your comments, but a few tricks can make your comment POP. You probably already know these, but I have tested them so I know they work.

<b> This makes whichever word you choose bold if you place it on both sides of it, like this: <b>word<b>

<i> This tag makes whichever word you chose italic if you place it on both sides of it, like this: <i>word<i>

a href  This one is a little trickier but a lot more useful. I've noticed that most of the times, people won't really pay attention to a comment  if they see a link in it. If you are Werttrew you can get away with it, but for the rest of us I recommend using this. It basically turns your link into a bold word within your text, like this.

<a href="url">Link text</a>
Just replace your link between the quotation marks, where it says "url", and your word(s) where it says link text. Such as
<a href="">She's pretty.</a>
You will then end up with something like this: She's pretty.

Well, that's all I know, if you have any tips, leave them in the comments & don't forget to read Werttrew's guide to posting images on Videogum.


  1. I'm pretty sure to put a strike through the text you just have to do strike text /strike.. but with these things of course - < >

  2. This is great stuff, Trash. Thanks for the info on hrefs -- I didn't even know what to call them in order to look up how to do it.

    Another quick tip: if you have a mac, you can easily achieve screen grabs by clicking command + shift + 4. You will then get a lens that you can use to create a screen grab that will automatically save to your desktop.

  3. A guide that indeed will help me for many a year.