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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Behind the Grunts: Sunday Divisional Playoffs

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks 12:00PM ct

Cool factor: The first losing team to make the postseason plays the only playoff team it beat during the regular season. While the Seahawks are underdogs, they eliminated the Superbowl champions last week.

Players to watch Marshawn Lynch vs Jay Cutler

If the Bears can find a way to commit to the ground game this should be an easy game for them. Last time the Seahawks were in Seattle they won the game on Cutler sacks.The Bears kept penetrating Seattle's line only to have Marshawn Lynch fight his way back to the line of scrimmage. If Lynch can get some help in the running game the Bears might have trouble getting into a rhythm.

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets 3:30 PM ct

Cool factor: The most disciplined team in the league meets with the rowdiest team in the league. 

Players to watch: Tom Brady vs. The Jets Defense

The only way the Jets win this game is if they pressure Brady into playing worse than mark Sanchez. My pick?

Patriots win
Weird factoid: Apparently someone found online videos of Rex Ryan and his wife in foot fetish videos? Sorry no link to that. Anyways, here's wide reciever Wayne Campbell discussing the game. Also some other videos.


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