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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Concert Log #4: Cold War Kids at The Bootleg Theater

On the eve of their new album release Mine Is Yours (*cough*dropbox*cough*), Cold War Kids played an intimate show at the Bootleg Theater. The critics haven't been too kind in their reviews of Mine Is Yours. However, after multiple listens, I am actually enjoying it. While the second half of the album is a little slow, the first half is energetic and catchy. There are more than enough good songs on this album to make it worth a listen. The band managed to shake off the bad reviews and put on a great show for the home-town crowd. They played a good mixture of old songs peppered in with more than half of their new album. Nathan Willett's voice was as soulful as always. I always enjoy seeing this band in concert and a tiny 200 capacity theater is no exception. Enjoy the videos and check out their new album.


  1. Loved the post & the *cough* integration, maybe we should do this for the movie club?