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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taking One for the TV: Teen Mom 2: S01E11

Just like all of you, I love great TV shows like Lost, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, etc., but I also love some really bad shit. In this column, I am going to recap some of the best of the worst. I watch bad TV so you don't have to!

Jenelle and Kieffer are fighting so Jenelle decides to go stay with her friend Amber. She tells Amber about the credit card situation with her mother, and how her mom is planning to press charges. Amber thinks it would be nice if Jenelle and her mother could have civil conversations. You know what else would be nice? IF JENELLE DIDN'T STEAL HER MOTHER'S CREDIT CARDS!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Jenelle is bitching about how her mom is the devil, and granted, her mother is sort of crazy, but Jenelle, you bring all this on yourself. I hate this girl so much. SO MUCH.

Kieffer is staying two hours away at a friend's house, and surprisingly, Jenelle doesn't follow him. She wants to stay home so she can catch up on school and figure things out with her mom. SPOILER ALERT: This doesn't go well. Apparently, Jenelle ran up a $700+ bill on her mom's Discover card (who even takes Discover?!) in a two day period. What the fuck did she buy?! Anyway, Discover recognized this as fraud, and will get rid of the charges if they have a police report. Barbara tells Jenelle if she gives her the money she charged, then she won't file a police report. Jenelle says she will pay her back in increments. HAHAHAHA! Remember when you STOLE the card and you said your plan was to pay her back immediately?! No, it wasn't, you lying little creep.

Jenelle gets the financial aid office to reissue the check her mom sent back. You know, Jenelle has been so worried about money, you guys. So, you would think at the very least, she would be keeping a handle on her job, right? RIGHT?! Nope! You were wrong. Nice try though. She has been a no call, no show for two days. She decides maybe she should check in with her boss now. He gives her a nice little lecture on responsibility and then he fires her. Fucking loser. Jenelle is now worried about where she is going to sleep because Amber is not answering her phone. Could her first night as a crack whore be a successful one?!...SHIT! Mom calls her and finds out that she is sleeping in her car, so she asks her to come home. We were so close you guys. Why must she continue to avoid her fate like this?!

Barbara pays a visit to her lawyer. The lawyer basically tells her that if she presses charges against Jenelle, that it will make it even more difficult for her to get a job, thus making her a bigger burden on Barbara. Barbara tells Jenelle she needs to call the credit card company and figure out something with them. HUH? Ok...

Suzi, Kailyn's mom, is trying to get her to file a joint custody agreement so that Jo doesn't do anything rash like run off with baby Issac. Kailyn goes to pick up Issac from Jo and he won't even let her in the house. He makes her wait on the doorstep. Kailyn goes to the courthouse to set up the custody agreement. Her mom pays the $142.50 fee for the paperwork.

Kailyn is not doing so hot in school. She got a big old F on an exam. Not cool, y'all. Goddamn babies are so distracting, you know. Kailyn drops a class to get rid of some stress. The class she drops is Chemistry which she needs for her dental hygienist program.

Leah and Corey talk about the wedding, and decide they are moving forward and they are going to get married! YAY! Three days before the wedding, they go to pick out a cake. Talk about procrastination. Usually, that is something you have to order MONTHS in advance.

The day before the wedding, Leah and her mom take baby Ali to her appointment for her second opinion. This doctor also tells Leah she needs to see a Geneticist. Still no answers. :( Obviously, Leah is extremely stressed over this medical situation.

Chelsea receives a letter in the mail from Social Services that Adam is going to be served for not making his child support payments. We find out the he owes a total of $2,109.45. Yikes!

Chelsea has lunch with her dad. She tells him that studying for the GED is not going to well because baby Aubree is too cute. LOLz! She also tells him that she is still upset over the break up with Adam because she feels like it was her fault. Um, what?! Someone get this girl a therapist. Maybe Mtnsbeyondmtns can help.

Chelsea goes to a coffee shop to study for the GED. Yet again, babies are causing studying issues. Chill, babies! Don't you know your moms are trying to get their study on?! Anyway, Adam calls out of nowhere and wants to see Aubree. Chelsea tells him no. You go, girl! She also asks him about the child support he owes. He tells her not to worry about it. ????????? Chelsea decides she needs to do some "Facebook creepin'" on Adam. She finds out he already has a new girlfriend with whom he lives! WHOA!

We get a little peek into Adam's new living situation. He is bitching to his new girlfriend Maria how fucked up it is that he can't see his daughter. She agrees. Umm, you know he doesn't pay child support, right? He also fills us in that his payments are only $275 a month. He is bitching about how much money that is. REALLY?! Get a job, you fucking bum! Also, let me just say, you can tell this girl feels awkward with the cameras in her apartment. She keeps making little giggles and hiding her face. It is quite entertaining.

Chelsea calls Adam about child support, and Adam basically verbally abuses her over the phone. This guy is such an asshole. He thinks he should get to see Aubree whenever he wants even though he has does absolutely nothing for her.

Here is the full episode:

So next week, looks so good! Jenelle in jail, a car being towed, more verbal abuse and a wedding!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Jenelle in jail?! Sweet, I can't wait to not watch this.