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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week 12

Oh wow! I can't believe we have been going at this for 3 months now! Everyone is doing so great. I am so glad I have you guys to talk to about this and keep me on track. Also, If you haven't read Anchor Management's weight loss journey yet, get on that shit now!

In the mean time, let's see how everyone did this week.

This week I lost 0 lbs. I have a 14 lbs. total loss. I am 6 lbs. away from my 20 lb. goal.

I am not really sure where I went wrong this week because I abided by my diet (except for my birthday on Sunday, which couldn't have ruined my WHOLE week) and I got in all my P90X workouts. I am assuming that I am eating too many carbs and not enough protein. This week, I am going to try to focus on that, and I am setting a 2 lb. goal for myself. Also, I was hoping to reach my overall goal by my birthday, but that didn't happen. :( Oh well! I am going to keep on trucking though. I feel great and my clothes are fitting better, so something is changing!

Now, let me gripe about P90X for a minute. Fucking yoga, you guys! That shit bores me to tears. It is a really good workout, but I just want to kill myself by the end of it. It is 90 minutes. That is a lot of minutes! Right now, I am just thinking that I am going to cut it out of my weekly workouts, unless any of you have a good yoga video suggestion.

This week, I want to talk about low calorie alcoholic beverages. Everyone knows that Monsters love the sauce. I mean, have you been in Friday Drunk Chat?! Ain't no party like a Monster party, because Monsters like to drink!

I have compiled a list of low-cal alcoholic options:
1.) My favorite: Fresca and Vodka - 60 Calories (4 oz. Fresca/1 oz. Vodka)
NOTE: I hate diet sodas, and I love Coke like a good Southern girl. If I am going to have a soda, I want full calories and flavor. However, Fresca is the only diet drink I will have. I think it is delicious and doesn't really have that "diet" taste.

2.) Gin & Tonic - 103 Calories (4 oz. Tonic/1 oz. Gin)

3.) Skinny Margarita - 100-140 Calories

4.) Gin Martini - with olives 175 calories / without 125 Calories

5.) Wine - Red 106 calories/ White 100 calories (5 oz.)

Find some more fancy low calorie cocktails here!

So how did you do this week? Put your comments and suggestions in the comments and let's discuss!

New? Make sure to tell us your goals and motivations. Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult with a doctor before starting any diet or weight loss program. MOBFD is not responsible for you having a heart attack or anything.


  1. Thanks for the nod *cough* it'sanchormanagementactually *cough*. I didn't report back in last week and for a reason. I was so happy with the weight loss two weeks ago, combined with the fact that the weigh-in may have been too low, I slacked off last week. Last week's result was quite brutal. I tried to undo the damage this week, but not quite there. So over the last two weeks I actually gained 0.7 lbs for a total of 13.6 lbs. To qoute thespian Natalie Portman: "I never said I was a role-model". I'm going to try and get back in the fray and go for 2.5lbs this week. Hoo-wah!

    Also, hellz yeah alcohol!

  2. Ugh, sorry AM, I am the worst. I totes knew that. Please forgive me, I am operating on 4 hours sleep. It was a Will Ferrellian slip, and I fixed it!

  3. I'm down 21 pounds now, which is about the same as I was last time I reported to MFC. I had kind of a weird two weeks. I stepped off the reservation a few too many times and didn't get in enough workouts. I signed up for a bootcamp that starts in 2 weeks, so I'm hoping that will kick my booty. My wedding is only 4 months away. Eek!!

  4. I've ran 15 miles for the first time in about a year and a half and it kicked my ass. I've been thinking about perhaps moving my marathon until June. either way I'm still training until I see that I can't keep up.

  5. Still can't exercise, so I'm not. I am bored though, so I'm eating and drinking too much. I should be able to start exercising again by this time next week, by which time I should be back to my start weight. Damn you, a-ha!

  6. I am getting so confused/frustrated. This past week I have made sure to exercise every day and never ever slip on my diet. Then Friday was a friend's birthday, so lots of booze, followed by lots of hair of the dog on saturday. When I got home, hungover-ish, my mother wanted Sonic. It is not possible to say no to that in that state! Sunday evening I reluctantly weighed myself: 2lb loss for the week! Happy dance! Then comes today and I gained 3. Weighing myself every day is so frustrating! I know that there are regular fluctuations, but seeing that number go up so sharply is like a big ol slap in the face.