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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Godsauce Alters This Week's Family Circus

Today's edition is my favorite of the week, because it has a subtlety that is often lacking in these alterations. On the other hand, if you don't pay attention to what's going on, it's easy to miss the joke. Dolly hates seeing Jeffy getting all the attention.

More Family Circus alterations and bonus comics from after the jump!

This bonus Beetle Bailey strip has been sanitized for your protection,

Not pictured: P.J. profaning the host.

The next few were done without photoshop, so the fonts are wonky:

This bonus Lockhorns for Baby Friday is pretty much my impression of every Lockhorns comic. These two people are miserable, and I can't imagine how anyone can find their loveless marriage amusing.

Jeffy wants to save your soul.

This is the second version of this strip. I didn't think the first attempt was funny. This one isn't terribly funny either, but at least it is filthy.

I like the ambiguity of this one. Sub-caption: "You should see what he found in Aunt Livia."

I hope that you've enjoyed this week's round up. Again, daily alterations can the found at the Godsauce Alters Today's Family Circus tumblr.


  1. I'd like this more spread out across the week

  2. Nothing you can do will satisfy us!

    Really, though. This is pretty awesome.