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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Behind the Grunts: Saturday Divisional Playoffs

Pittsburg Steelers VS Baltimore Ravens 3:30 PM CT

Cool factor This will be the football equivalent of a heavyweight fight. These are two very physical teams who will be playing in the snowy, brick-like mud of Heinz field. The Winner of this game will dictate how next week’s AFC Championship is played.

Players to watch:
Ed Reed vs. Troy Polamalu 


Okay they are not exactly going to be playing against each other, but they will most definitely be trying to outdo each other. Arguably the two hardest playing safeties in the NFL, these two will not be pulling any punches. What’s a safety? A safety is usually the craziest guy in the defense. These guys are usually “small” at around 5’11’’ and 200 pounds. To put in different terms: If Scrappy Doo was a football player he would be a safety.
Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers

Cool factor Last time these two teams played each other the Falcons won by 3 points. Packers have a light edge on the passing game & Falcons have an edge on the running game, but overall these are two very similar teams. This comes down to who plays with more heart. HEART I SAY!!!! …..Grr.

Players to watch
Matt Ryan vs. Aaron Rodgers

The two best young QBs of the league face off against each other. Rodgers should be playing a little looser than to his improbable entry into the playoffs & last week’s win against the Eagles. Ryan has the advantage of a week’s rest and playing at home, either way this will be a good matchup if you like the passing* game.

*I made an unfortunate typo here. Don’t know why I’m mentioning it since I fixed it.

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  1. Chris, you couldn't find a better video for the packers?

  2. Looks like they just got buck'd