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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Behind the Grunts: Tights & Pads: Eagles vs. Packers

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Green Bay Packers 3:30 pm CT time 
Cool factor: This should be an offensive display. Look for both teams to get the ball flying on this one.

Suck Factor: See below.

Players to watch: Packers

Aaron Rodgers

After all the controversies that surrounded Brett Favre's last five seasons, Rodgers can finally make Packers fans forget about Favre. Also, please disregard any and all allegations about steroid use on Clay Matthews' part.
Clay Matthews III (left)

DeSean Jackson

Expect to see a lot of big plays from this D-Jax guy, he will be the most exciting player to watch on the Eagles, unless you count Michael Vick. Which brings me to ask:

Is it okay to cheer for Vick?
We all know that Vick killed and tortured innocent animals. Not for food or cool looking clothing. He did it just for shits & giggles. More giggles than shits one might argue. But he did go to jail and did his time. He received no special treatment while being prosecuted or coming back into the league. He did get a starting job faster than anyone expected, but that was due to his talent and new-found focus. Maybe he didn't do enough time for such crime, but is that not more an issue for us as a group? We have the power to pass stronger animal abuse laws. Is it productive to shun someone who becomes a better person thanks to  the penal system.

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