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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just the Tip

My most painful non used tip. It's that kind of night. Presented without commentary because you don't need it:

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  1. Oh god, people elaborately dressed like animals always freaks me out.

  2. I feel like I could watch this for hours and it would never stagnate. Stagnate! ZING

    (I am so very very sorry)

  3. "I hope this doesn't awake something within me..."

    (Community? Anyone?)

  4. I kind of wonder what's happening here... by which I mean, did the guy say: "I'm going to work out a lot so I can look good as a manimal" or did he answer a craigslist ad? Also, how much would this pay?

  5. Hasn't this fellow already been on Videogum?